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I am thinking of using ACCESS to manipulate multiple EXCEL

Customer Question

I am thinking of using ACCESS to manipulate multiple EXCEL spreadsheets. Can ACCESS grab the whole population of available EXCEL spreadsheets and display them by any of their data fields? The EXCEL spreadsheets are individual training records that record personal data (name, rank, unit etc) and training tasks and their performance ratings by task. Can I do queries in ACCESS that display a rollup of performance of the whole population on a specific task, for example.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  matthewgill replied 3 years ago.
Hello. My name is Matthew, and I'd like to help you with this problem. To be clear, you do not want to maintain 2 copies of the data (Excel and Access), but instead want the Excel spreadsheets to act as the data source?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes that is correct. I want to maintain and continue to generate EXCEL spreadsheets for each trainee. I want to ACCESS to leverage the population of EXCEL spreadsheets to run different displays that answer questions about the performance by task of the entire population, or subsets of the population. For example I want to be able to simply leverage these training records by name. That's easy. But maybe I want to see how all the trainees in sub-unit have performed on a certain task, or group of tasks. There are 115 training tasks, spread over 4 soldier rank levels broken down into 31 different areas. I'd like to be able to query performance level across the whole unit, or sub-units, by task or a group of tasks, for example First Aid.

Expert:  matthewgill replied 3 years ago.
Hello again! I worked on your problem a bit, and came up with a solution. In Access, under the 'External Data' tab, there is a button in the 'Import' category that says Excel. Click it to launch the import wizard. Select an option depending on whether you want a copy, or a link to the original data (a copy ignores new data in the spreadsheet, but a link will reflect any changes).

You can then choose individual worksheets. At this point you may have to modify the excel spreadsheet a little bit. Access wants some things certain ways; for instance, Access doesn't import formulas very well, so you may need to convert the formulas to values. Follow the rest of the wizard, which allows you to choose the datatype of each column, and choose whether to add a primary key or not. I recommend you add one if you aren't sure if your spreadsheet has one.

You can continue to import worksheets the same way as above, until you are finished. You could even add data from one worksheet to a worksheet you've already imported.

From here, you can manipulate the data in Access however you'd like. It should perform just like an Access Database!

Please reply if you have any questions or concerns; though, if this answers your question, please remember to 'Rate' this answer with a score you feel is accurate. Otherwise this question will hang around forever, and no one wants that :)

Have a good day.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Matt. let me work with this for a day and I will get back to you

Expert:  matthewgill replied 3 years ago.
Understood! Good luck!