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fbeltramini, Computer Science Engineer
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Ive added recession bars in an excel line chart -- as Ive

Customer Question

I've added recession bars in an excel line chart -- as I've been doing for decades by creating a 2nd y axis which is either 1 or 0 -- but when the chart appears on screen there are annoying gaps within what should be a smoothly shaded bar. The underlying data is daily, and it almost looks as if there are gaps where every weekend is. But my data is given only on weekdays. The line (stock market levels) is business day. If I change data to monthly it looks OK, except then my line chart is only monthly, which is unacceptable.

I've been working on this for hours and am going crazy. thanks for your help.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  fbeltramini replied 3 years ago.

fbeltramini :

Hi. I'll help you today.

fbeltramini :

So the underlying data are organized in rows with 3 columns (date, value and recession flag) is it right?

JACUSTOMER-p8q86g06- : I've also got a "crisis" field, which acts like a 2nd recession seriers
JACUSTOMER-p8q86g06- : Also, I've already tried fixing the 'operlap' and 'gap width' of the bars.
fbeltramini :

Can you send me the file so I'll better understand the problem and I'll work on it?

fbeltramini :

You can use

fbeltramini :

to upload the file. You'll get a link to the file, that you can paste here

JACUSTOMER-p8q86g06- : Can you give me an email address? I'm having a hard time sending the file
JACUSTOMER-p8q86g06- : I'm working on two different computers, and have firewall considerations.
fbeltramini :

[email protected]

JACUSTOMER-p8q86g06- : I just sent it. Please tell me if you received it. Just look at the chart data tap -- you'll see what i mean
fbeltramini :

Yes I received it. I'll work on it

JACUSTOMER-p8q86g06- : Hi there -- i figured it out. You have to make the boarder line solid and change the line width to about 3
fbeltramini :