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I have windows 7, office 2007. Just got the error message

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I have windows 7, office 2007.
Just got the error message in Outlook 'Could not read the calendar'
Have run Scanpst on outlook.pst, twice. Both times errors found
It claimed to have made repairs.
But problem not fixed.
Greetings and welcome to Justanswer, sorry for the delay.

Can you tell me your mail host.

For example, are you using pop or imap through gmail/yahoo, etc. Or using an exchange server like to your work place?

Please advise and we'll troubleshoot from there. If I don't respond immediately, give me time, I will as soon as possible.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi - thanks for the request,

I have two accounts accessed via POP and a third via IMAP.

Also, I use Blackberry Desktop to sync with my blackberry and the calendar is synched with google calendar.


Does that help?


Best regards



It narrows it down, yes. There's many factors that can cause the corruption, Exchange being one of them so that roots that out.

Please do not rate my assistance until we've come to a resolution, should the following steps not work, simply reply and let me know and we'll go from there.

First and foremost, so we're not chasing our tail, I need to make sure you did the repair correctly. The process goes through 8 phases, and at the end, it asks if you'd like to repair the PST. By continuing, the program will appear to lock up, but it needs to sit there until it gives a repair complete, and then you may open outlook again. The reason I'm repeating these steps is simply because you said it had errors both times you scanned, and generally speaking, that is not normal since scanpst is usually highly effective. So just be sure you did the entire process and didn't just stop after the 8 phases.

Now, since we know it's google Calendar and you have multiple pop accounts you need to be sure you scan ALL PST's, not just the specific one. Generally speaking, when you create the IMAP account it'll create a new PST for it for the calendar. To l locate all data files, go to tools > account settings, and there's a data file tab that will show you all PST files attached to Outlook. I would repair all of them based on their locations.

Afterwards if no success, remove the Gmail IMAP account and readd it. Since you're using IMAP, all calendar entries are stored server side so it should propregate back down to outlook after recreating the gmail account.

Next, root out conflicting software/add-ins. To do to this, close outlook, click the start button, and type outlook /safe (there's a space between outlook and /safe) and hit enter. This will open safemode with no additional add-ons, I'll need to know if that one is able to open the calendar. You may also try outlook /cleanreminders (in case there's a corrupt entry in the calendar that's causing it not to display).

Now, assuming all of the above does not yield results, for us to continue, I'll need to know if a corrupt profile is part of the problem. Creating a fresh profile will root that out. Go to start > control panel. On the top right, where it says view by, select small icons. Locate the mail app. Click profiles. Add a new profile with ONLY your gmail account in imap.

The settings should be for the server settings: for incoming, for outgoing. In the advanced settings on the advanced tab the port needs to be set to (ssl on the drop down) and 993 as the incoming port). Outgoing doesn't really matter here since we just want to see the calendar come up cleanly.

In the mail app, right after you clicked profiles, be sure to tick the box at the bottom that asks to prompt which profile to use. I want to see if the new profile functions without issues so I know how to proceed assuming nothing is resolved above.

I realize this is a lot to go over, but Outlook has a lot of steps to troubleshoot. I attempted to list them in order of "most likely cause"

Let me know if you need clarification anywhere and I will do so.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you. repairing the IMAP accounts was what was needed. Thank you. Without your help I would not have found them. Your instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Thank you.

You're very welcome. If you need anything further just ask.

When you're all set, please remember to rate the service you felt I provided below (smiley's).

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