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How do I access macros in an add-in ??Firstly, I am not a

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How do I access macros in an add-in ??
Firstly, I am not a programmer... just a 'winger'..
I have built several macros for the Excel 2010 PC version. Placed them in an ADD-IN for ease of distribution, and tied them to buttons on the QAT (Quick Access Toolbar).
Now, one of the folks I did this for is moving to MAC and using Excel for mac 2011. I am having extreme difficulty finding how to put any kind of button on the toolbars that ties to a macro in the add-in.
I have copied the add-in to the default location for them in mac. Excel can see them when I open 'editor' with the 'developer'. But I can find no way to tie them to a button on the toolbars. I can create a toolbar and assign a button, but when trying to link it to a macro, nothing shows up in the macros list ???
any help would be appreciated.
Thank you for your question, my name is Richard.

The process to assign a button to a Macro on the Toolbar is as follows.

Can you confirm please this is the process you are performing

Right click on the toolbar and select Customize Toolbars and Menus… then

Click the Commands tab, then

Scroll down and select Macros from the Categories pane, and

Drag the Custom Button with a smiley face to the toolbar, then
Click OK to get rid of the dialog box.

Next you:

Right click on the smiley face, select Assign Macro… and

Pick the macro you created (in your personal macro workbook), then
Click OK.

Are you able to add the Macro this way?

Please let me know

Thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, if the macro is in the 'personal workbook' as a 'macro', then I can assign it to a button.....


However, as stated, my macros are in an 'add-in', for ease of distribution.

When I right click the smiley and select 'Assign Macro', there are no macros available in the list box.


I want to distribute these macros as an add-in. It works beautifully in Excel 2010 for PC, but I cant get it set up in Mac.

Thanks Willie, and sorry I mis read it.

Excel for the Mac is a lot limited then the Windows version.

You are only able to assign it a button when it is in the Personal Workbook as a Macro.

They did not extend this functionality to Add ins sorry.

This is why you do not see any Macros available.

You can only put them in as Macros in the Personal Workbook.

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