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In Word (specifically Word 2010), when looking at changes made

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In Word (specifically Word 2010), when looking at changes made to a document using track changes, is it possible to reject the changed text and at the same time to automatically reinstate the same text and make it appear as text that I have added that text back using track changes?
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could you provide an example of what exactly you are trying to do?
Thank you for your question, my name is Richard.

Yes, when you are accepting and rejecting changes, make sure you first turn on Track Changes under the Review Tab.

If you click on the down arrow, you see Change Tracking Options.

Here you can set exactly how you want your text to look, when you make change that is tracked, so you can set your changes to look how ever you wish (the same as the changes you are reviewing and accepting or rejecting).

If there is a setting missing that you need, in that list of options, please let me know and I will see where it is located. Just specifically tell me the setting that is missing.

Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm not sure that there is an option in Track Change Options that does what I want.

Say I've received a document from another party that has revisions and that those revisions are highlighed in red (because the person used track changes). My objective is to review those revisons and to decided if I accept them or not, or suggest something different. I would then send the draft back to the other person for their consideration of my revisions that are now highlighted in red (or any other colour for that matter).

When reviewing the other person's document, and that document has deleted text that is highlighted in track changes, it's often the case that I want to reject that deletion using the 'Reject' button in track changes. That text then appears as normal, unhighlited text again. But what I want to happen is for that text to appear as if I had added it back in. That is, I want the rejected text to appear as highlighted red text in track changes so that the other party will know that I have reinstated that text (i.e. to bring it to their attention that I rejected their deletion to ensure that they are aware of it).

Is there a method to do this in Word 2010? It may not be possible, but if it is, I'd like to know how.

Thanks for the explanation.

What you need to do in this instance then is manually highlight and format the text, as Rejecting the change will always remove it.

So to show them what you have done, you need to either Highlight and format the text Manually, or add a comment there (right click and add a comment) so they can see that you have done this.

Richard, Software Specialist
Category: Microsoft Office
Satisfied Customers: 38338
Experience: Over 15 year experience resolving Microsoft Office Issues
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