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Brandon M.
Brandon M., Computer Support Specialist
Category: Microsoft Office
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Experience:  10+ Years Mac Support as contractor and currently an System Administrator for law firm
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I have these systems: >Mac OSX Version 10.8.4 >Microsoft

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I have these systems:
>Mac OSX Version 10.8.4
>Microsoft Office 2008

My question: How do I adjust/customize the default workbook -- the workbook that I get when I open a new workbook -- whether by going to File and New Workbook, or by clicking on the Excel icon in the dock?

Brandon M. :

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I would be glad to assist you with your issue today. Please note that I am in eastern time (UTC -5:00) and am generally online between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM and some evenings between 7 PM and 11 PM.

Brandon M. :

How would you like to customize the default workbook?


I want to customize the page set up and the size of the columns and lines.

Brandon M. : Ah, ok. As far as I remember, the default excel sheet is not customizable. What you can do is create a new sheet and save it as a template.
Brandon M. : So, create a new sheet and set it up the way you want it. Go to file, then save as. Change the type to template and save it whatever you wish. When you create a new sheet, instead of choosing blank, choose your new template.

I understand your response, but, to fight the answer, to get the template that is in Project Gallery, I have to open Project Gallery and select the template that I've created. I want that template to open when I launch Excel or when I go to File and select New Workbook or when Excel is open but no workbook is on the screen so I click on the Excel icon in the doc and open a workbook -- I want to be able to customize that workbook.

Brandon M. : The only thing I can think of, is to use the at startup option. You can have it open your custom template every time you launch excel.
Brandon M. : Otherwise, there is no way to customize the default blank workbook

OK -- Don't like the answer, but if that is the way it is, that is the way it is. Gates, get a clue!

Brandon M. : You would think that after this many versions, something like that would be available. You can customize the default word template but not excel. Not even on windows.
Brandon M. : Not sure if they listen, but you can send feedback under the Help menu. That is how you can request features.


Brandon M. : No problem. Do you understand the process to set up your template or would you like assistance with this as well?

No. I have that.

Brandon M. : Great. Is there anything else I can assist with?

No. Not today. Thanks for your help -- much appreciated.

Brandon M. : No problem at all. Please be sure to rate the service positively. Have a great rest of your day.
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