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I changed my 55 inch (E472VL/E552VL) TV to factory default.Now

Customer Question

I changed my 55 inch (E472VL/E552VL) TV to factory default.
Now my vertical position needs adjusting. The picture i cut off at the top and a little on the bottom.
I changed the vertical position to 32. the maximum position I can get.
I am unable to change the vertical size because the choice of Vertical Size would not highlight not permitting me to change it.
I would greaty appreciate your help.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  Shefin replied 4 years ago.

Shefin :
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Expert:  Shefin replied 4 years ago.

I apologize that I did not get you on chat. However, I can assist you further in Question and Answer mode.

Please try the instructions below.

When displaying an image from the HDMI or RGB input, the size and position of
the display image can be adjusted.

To adjust the picture size and position:

1. Ensure the input is set to HDMI or RGB.

2. From the Picture Settings menu, use the Arrow buttons on the remote to highlight More, then press OK.

3. Use the Arrow buttons on the remote to highlight Size & Position, then press OK. The Size & Position menu is displayed.

4. Use the Arrow buttons to highlight the setting you wish to adjust, then press Left/Right Arrow to change the setting:

• Auto Adjust - Automatically adjusts display image to optimal size and position. (RGB input only.)

• Horiz. Position - Adjusts the horizontal (left/right) position of the display image.

• Vertical Position - Adjusts the vertical (up/down) position of the display image.

• Horizontal Size - Adjusts the width of the display image.

• Fine Tune - Adjusts the height of the display image. (RGB input only.)

5. When you have finished adjusting the color temperature, press the EXIT button on the remote.

I would suggest you download the user manula below and refer page 15.

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