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I am using Numbered styles in word, in a Track Change - tracked

Customer Question

I am using Numbered styles in word, in a Track Change - tracked document for document control purposes. I am continually having trouble with the numbering system especially when I try to add a new heading in between existing headings. The subsequent headings change to the updated number but include the old number in front of the new number and no amount of pressing Accept Change gets rid of it. How do I fix this?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  businesslegions replied 4 years ago.

businesslegions :

Hi there,

businesslegions :

My name is Marco and I'll be assisting you with this issue.

businesslegions :

PLEASE NOTE: If this chat is idle for 5 minutes (no messages received by either party) it times out. If you do login to this chat and it appears I'm offline, please leave me a message here and I'll connect as soon as I can.

businesslegions :

Which version of word are you using?

businesslegions :

Please have a look at this document that details how to best setup number for your headings. In particular look at step 2: <click here>

JACUSTOMER-l98obnss- : Hi Marco,
JACUSTOMER-l98obnss- : i am using office for Mac and office 2007, and accessing the documents through Dropbox. (I travel a fair bit)
businesslegions :

Hi did you have a look at the document link I sent?

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