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Can Windows 7 errors not be removed by Microsoft a tool?

Customer Question

Can Windows 7 errors not be removed by Microsoft a tool?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  jnayes replied 4 years ago.

At the bottom of this page is a rating system (smiley’s). Please ONLY use the REPLY button for now so we can continue if you need clarification, or the issue isn't resolved. Once everything is working and you are 100% satisfied, then you may rate the level of service I have provided. Thank you.

Generally speaking, there's no "mIcrosoft tool" that just scans for errors and fixes them. Any tool that claims there is "2-500" errors in your machine is a FAKE tool. Specifically made to scare you into purchasing it. They fall under the names such as registry scanners, system tweakers, "speed up your PC" etc. and they should be heavily avoided as they are dangerous to use and cause damage on your system.

Unless there is something actually WRONG with your PC that you notice, do not add programs to detect problems that likely do not exist. If you're experiencing some sort of issues, tell me what they are and we'll address them.

If you're just trying to be safe and are attempting to just handle routine maintenance, your best bet is to install a run a free antimalware program (this has a higher detect ratio than any virus scanner out there, so it's ideal to run every few weeks, and it IS 100% free).

You can download it (once again, for free) below:

The program is called malwarebytes, and it's safe. Install it, do a Full scan. When it's finished, click Show Results, and then click Remove Selected. You'll be amazed at some of the things that are sitting on your machine that virus scanners generally ignore.

As far as the program that's popping up, scaring you into purchasing or saying there's errors. Once again, it's fake and should be removed. You can remove a program by going to start > control panel. Selecting programs and features, and then locating the program from the list. These things are borderline malware, very intrusive, and HIGHLY annoying.

Let me know how it goes via REPLY, and I'll clarify where needed.
Expert:  jnayes replied 4 years ago.
Greetings Erik. Just following up with you to see if you were able to follow my steps and if your issue has been resolved. Please let me know either way, I will continue to assist if the issue persists. Thank you

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