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I have a spreadsheet to calculate doctor payout in a medical

Customer Question

I have a spreadsheet to calculate doctor payout in a medical establishment.
The objective is to accurately pay the doctors for services both scheduled and emergency cases.
The pay for the doctors is based on their planned medical appointments and walk in and emergency cases.
The file uploaded to skydrive consists of 3 worksheets:!129&authkey=!ADlfgDK5R_j81vk
Worksheet - Hosp Scheduled work
Worksheet - Actual including emergencies
Worksheet - Payout to hosp staff
Note worksheet Hosp Scheduled work and Payout to hosp staff are equal.
The main worksheet consisting of the formula is on Payout to hosp staff worksheet.
Question 1
In cell G2- I would like to know if the doctor did the medical procedure they were planned to do. A yes/no formula would be great. For example, if there is a value in H2, yes. H2 does not have to equal F2 since the doctor may charge more if the procedure took longer or less if cut short due to an emergency case walk in.
In cell H2 of Payout to hosp staff worksheet, I have the following formula to extract below. However, this formula is not working for me. I am receiving an error message. The formula is to obtain the charge(cell c2) from Actual including emergencies using doctor name(cell A2) and medical procedure code (b2) as identifiers.
=SUM((Actual including emergencies!$A$2:$A$16732=A2)*(Actual including emergencies!$B$2:$B$16732=C2)*(Actual including emergencies!$C$2:$C$16732))
Question 2
In cell I2 – if they did not do the medical procedure as planned – what did they do?—however, this may need extra rows to be added below as each doctor could be planning to do 4 medical procedures and they actually did 10 due to emergency walk ins and ambulances
In cell J2- how much did they charge for medical procedure in cell I2.
Any help would be appreciated.
I have to do this weekly for salary payout for medical personnel. I do this manually now
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for using JustAnswer. My name is***** will do whatever I can to answer your question

Hello, I believe I could help you with some of this. Would you be satisfied if I could at least get a few of your problems fixed? For the ones that cannot be fixed I may be able to offer an alternative way of doing that task

The first problem is that you are creating circular reference between G and H, that is G is denpendant on H and vise versa, excel hates those. Is there some other value column G could be looking at to determine its YES or No? even if this value is on another worksheet it could still work in the formula.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi, Andrew

firstly, I was reading the reviews on just.answer and they are nasty - over charging etc..wondering if I will be charged extra for extra questions..

firstly the yes/no element is not critical.I need to know if they actually worked on what they were planning to.

conditional formatting would be ok if this can be done

I am trying to make this as simple as possible

in a nutshell - I need to know what they did so they can be paid - both planned and actual together - both work and $$ payout - this may include adding extra rows since they work on on call patients too..thanks in advance for your help

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
I am an independent contractor, not a just answer employee. So I really don't control the billing. I do know that this is a one time deal that is you would only be charged for this question. And only after I have helped you resolve your issue and you provide a rating. You would not be charged anything beyond the question value, unless you feel I did a superb job and you wish to provide a *bonus*. Again that is done at the end.

Now to get back to your question. For the yes/no column, I just need to determine which column other than H that you could check to see if it needs to be Yes or No. I suppose a similar thing could be accomplished with conditional formatting. Whichever is easier.

So to get my head wrapped around this, For each line on the payout sheet, you have a doctor name and a procedure code, You want to know the total sum from the F and C columns on the other 2 sheets, wherever the Dr name and Proc code are the same as in the payout sheet?

Do I understand this correctly?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi, Andrew - payout worksheet and scheduled worksheet are equal. I have just added a few more columns in payout.

I would like to know if they charged to the c+ f in payout from worksheet actual

make sense? or did I confuse you?

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
can you upload the new worksheet that you made changes to? So I can see what you need now.

I'm sure it will be pretty easy to do. Just need to understand the whole picture.

You can upload the new one to skydrive and provide the link if that is your preferred method.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no changes made - just delete row g in payout to staff - since this will be easier for you - to avoid circular reference - I guess I can figure it out another way if column d contains a word same a word in column h....with a formula - for example "knee"

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
i can have column G display yes if there is any content in Column D. Thats easy.

The main thing I was trying to figure out then was your sum thing.

before you said.

I would like to know if they charged to the c+ f in payout from worksheet actual

lets try this. Lets pick one dr. to use as an example. Then I think I can figure out the rest.

lets take dr. BAHIRD2, they are listed 2x in column A, they have 2 different codes in column C. How do you want the $ amount in column F, that is would it be the SUM of $ for both of the first 2 sheets, wherever there is a match in the first 2 sheets for both A and C, or is it just matching wherever the Dr name is ***** ***** in both of the first 2 sheets? Does this make sense.

If we can just use this one as an example, I think I can figure out the rest.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i would like to know if they charged to c+ f in payout from actual - correct - this is still the case - no change

for example - dr. BAHIRD2 has worked on IT26590P AND iIT26810A.

iIT26810A total is $3060 and IT26590P total is $765

make sense??

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
ok, fixed column G and H, not sure what you wanted in column I or J so left those blank for now

you can download the sheet from

Let me know if I can be of further assistance. I will be happy to make any modifications as needed. Or if you have any further questions on this topic I can address those.

If everything is satisfactory.

PLEASE RATE by clicking the HAPPY FACE for "GOOD" or "EXCELENT" service.

*BONUS* is always appreciated

Again you would not be charged anything more than the value of this one question + any *bonus* you might decide to give

Also please don't feel I am pressuring you in any way to rate, remember I am an independent contractor, and the only way that I am paid for my time is with a positive rating. If you still feel you need my assistance further on this problem, then please reply to me here, and I will continue to work with you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

cannot open any of the zipped files - sorry- can you send sky drive - this does not work for me -cannot see what you sent me

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
lets try a different site.

It should not be coming through as a zipped file, but rather as an xls file.

Sometimes the wikisend site corrupts files

try this one
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what about columns i and j they are blank- that was the main critical point - i wanted to know how much they did on work not planned - extracted from actual?

sorry but column g is not correct - please tally up and you will see

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
ok, column G puts a YEs or No in based on whether there is any text in column D. I thought this is what you asked for,

Column H is the sum total of anywhere the Doctors Name and that Number from Column C both appeared in Both of the first 2 sheets Actual and Hosp.

How do you want column I and J to work, I am not entirely sure on this one, Do you just want to pull the value from the actual sheet where it is the same doctor. And will there only be 1 value for each doctor in column I, and J would just sum up those values like H did but with the I value instead?

Please help me to understand this
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

column g is supposed to say yes or no if there is a value in column h - not next in column d

column h set up now is not correct since they can work on other tasks not just the ones in column d on payout - actual has extra tasks..not listed in column d in payout--sorry this is not correct

for i and j it is an extract of what they actually worked on in actual worksheet - currrently the answer is not correct - sorry

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
lets just concentrate on G and H for now. Lets get those 2 correct, then we can worry about I/J

Column G should say Yes or NO if there is a value in Column H

Column H should be the total for all of that doctors billing, regardless of what the code is in column C?

Should this be the total for both of the first 2 worksheets or just the Actual worksheet?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes - column g should say yes if the value of h is greater than zero.

column h is the value from the actual worksheet if dr worked on d (medical procedure from actual worksheet)

not total of 2 worksheets

let's take this step by step and finish the 2 above

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
i just looked through this and there is no corresponding value in the actual worksheet for the value in column D of the payment worksheet, Am I missing something?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

correct - correct - this is the whole point of this request...

if they did not do column d on payout - extract what they did and how much they charged from actual b + c --dr name are the same with few one offs..such as few in actual not in payout since are new to hospital

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
now I am confused lets try to make this simpler. There is only a column D on the payout sheet, and no column D on the actual sheet. How then am I supposed to use column D to get the values from the actual sheet. Or is the value just going to be based on the doctors name? Or does column D have nothing to do with it? and I am using Column A + C on payout sheet = columns A + B on actual sheet.

Or is it that you just want me to put the value for column B from actual sheet in column I on payout sheet, and sum of values in column C from actual sheet in column J on payout sheet?

I am very confused now. Sorry, but I think I need a clearer understanding of what you need.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

without face to face, this is not easy. Can we communicate via phone or this not allowed ?? so i can voice my requirements-

if not I will pay the remaining $53 I owe and I will not continue . Please advise your support this is closed and not answered.

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
Yup the site is not setup for phone. I can offer to do a remote session screen share, If you want me to work off the sheet on your computer and we can chat, you can show me exactly what you need and I can show you the formulas.

Let me know if this option would work, I know we are very close, and I know I could help you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sounds good - but the remote screen share will have to be about 4 - 5 hours from now- is this ok/suitable ?

can you ask your support if this will impact the cost? so far I owe $58 - I ahve paid $5 so far.

if it will impact cost please end this session and identify as unanswered

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
this type of support does not cost anything additional. It might even be easier, since you are having a hard time explaining. I won't be available in 4 or 5 hours, but will be available all day tomorrow. Just let me know what is the best time for you and what time zone you are in and I will make sure I post the instructions for remote session here at that time.

Would this work for you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sorry - please end this session and identify as not answered.

I am not available at this time. kindly advise your support that is not answered and end this session. Thanks very much

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
wow, I did everything humanly possible to try to answer your question. You could not provide me with the necessary information to help you.

Please remember that I am an independent contractor, and I have spent a lot of time working on this for you. Please do not take your frustrations out on me.

If that time would not work for you suggest another time that would other than in 4 hours.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am "not taking out my frustations on you"

I appreciate the efforts you have made, but his is taking far too long. Maybe this is not the venue for online.

I am very sorry, but please end this and advise them this is not answered.

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
I will do so, I would appreciate a rating of "GOOD SERVICE" or higher.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes - of course

thank you sir for your hard work - I hope I am not charged more than the $58 I was promised

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 4 years ago.
you would not be. Please click one of the Happy Faces below this chat window to rate, when you hover the mouse over it you will see a service rating apear.

I really wish I could have resolved this for you, I know I was on the right track, and I take pride in my work and hate to see an issue unresolved.

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