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I need to create a database from a monthly excel file.Input

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I need to create a database from a monthly excel file. Input Information - I have a monthly report that has fixed columns of data. This rows in the report are accounts. The columns represent information about each account. Some columns do not contain information I care about, and could be ignored. There are approximately 5 years of data I would need to import when the DB is set up. The files are text files, but come into MSFT Excel easily (comma delimited). Output or Visualization - I need to be able to look at the data in two ways. First is to look at each account, and track changes in the values. The values will have single event changes (i.e. they do not change month to month). Changes themselves are the events I want to be able to find. Also, I need to be able to look at a column (i.e. a specific data point) to search for changes over time to those fields. I do not own MSFT Access, but could purchase for this project. This is a personal project, so I have a budget.


ADDED - I do not expect this to be "answered" for $38. I would like to find someone who could bid building the DB for me, in a way where I could slurp in the new monthly files as they come. Thanks.

I dont think that we are allowed to bid jobs here. Though some people might do some of the work for you.

This site seems to be what you are looking for in order to bid out a freelance job directly
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Do I really need to pay $38 for this answer?

You dont have to pay anything but dont you think it might have saved you a lot of time and trouble ?


We are expressly not allowed to negotiate prices here. We generally just answer questions and tell you how to do a job. Some of us will do a small job if they feel the price is right. I dont know that anybody here would do a complete project for you but they might if you posted enough money.


We get paid half of what you offer. The site that i posted has alot more people that do the programming jobs and will bid them for you. That site takes a much smaller commission. You would get a lot more bang for your buck with a lot more people to possibly bid on it.


To me that would seem to be worth something to you. I have friends that have used it succesfully as both buyers and sellers.


If you prefer a refund you can [email protected] or I would be happy to opt out of here or even send a message to somebody i know here who might want to do it for you.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I guess here is my point.


To pay you to say "you cannot bid a job here" is not really worth (or even appropriate for you to ask for) a fee. IMHO anyway. I have used justanswer a few times and always paid an appropriate amount for an answer that helped me.


So I'd say this - if you want to have "earned" the $38, you could answer a general question of "how to do" what I'm looking for. For example. Can I import monthly data sets, and populate a dashboard for each account? Can I search the years of data to find specific events (that are well defined)? Can this all be done in Excel? Do I need a database tool? If so, what one should I buy?


Answers to these won't tell me specifically how to do it, but they will get me pointed (as was you suggesting Also, a referral would be good, but my budget is limited.






First I am a consultant. I get paid thousands of dollar "just" to tell people how to do something and what to buy and who to buy it from. Assuming the person did it for the same fee that somebody here would do it for I probably saved you 40 % of the cost as this site takes way too big a slice for what would be a simple commission at the other site. So no IMHO i gave you full value for your money. Sorry if it was so easy.

However i will be happy to answer your questions as well that IS what we do here and i will throw the first one in for free.

Excel would not work easily. Although you might be able to do anything that you want individually it would quickly become hugely cumbersome as things would be in the wrong place for one thing if they are in the right place for another.

In access it can all be done easily. One data base will keep the records. You can sort it or filter it by anything you want and switch instantly as the original data stays in one place but reports are created from it. You would not need seperate dashboard items for each month rather you can issue one report and break it into a seperate page for each month and a total for the year as well. That can NOT be done easily in excel.

You can create a different querry in excel for each month so it would look like a seperate one for each month OR you can make 1 querry and just select the month or any time frame that you choose at the time you run the querry and it will give you that time frame only

you can search the data for anything that is in any of the records. Again you can do it in excel BUT if you had each month in a seperate worksheet you would have to do it 12 times and try to combine them after. Not easy. In access you do one search for anything and if you want to restrict it to a certain time frame its only another 30 seconds to add that to the querry.

I can not give a specific referral. I know that freelancers has a good reputation but at the end of the day it is up to you who you choose based on price and the way they deal with you in the proposal.

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