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R. Michael
R. Michael, MIS Analyst
Category: Microsoft Office
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Experience:  Masters of Info. Systems; 10+ years using Microsoft Office.
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Hi, I have a problem with one email account running off a

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I have a problem with one email account running off a 2007 Exchange server to Outlook 2010. When ever the user tries to launch outlook on any machine within the network she receives the error "Your Outlook data file cannot be configured. C:\users\username.frensham\Appdata\laocal\Microsoft\Outlook\[email protected]"

I have followed the link through help to Microsoft Knowledge Base article 826488 which referes to Exchange 2003 so I can not resolve the problem.

What do I do to resolve the problem?

Thanks in anticipation.

John H

Hi I am R. Michael.

I can provide some trouble shooting information for you. I do have one question as well.

Question: In the error is the path a typo above? The bold/inderlined text below should say "local" in most cases.


C:\users\username.frensham\Appdata\laocal\Microsoft\Outlook\[email protected]"


The issue seems to be with the outlook data files and below is a youtube video that may help troubleshooting. If you notice the path in the error points to the users data files which will follow them from machine to machine. Review the video below which shows how to repair Outlook Data files.

If the answer to my question above is "yes "laocal" is just a typo" Disregard below:

Before you start below this...please View AppData folder you will need to go to folder and search options of windows explorer View tab and Check the box for "Show hidden files, folders, and drives"

If this was not a typo and outlook is actually looking for a data file that is in a non existent folder "laocal". See article below to correct Outlook's DataFile settings to point to "C:\users\username.frensham\Appdata\Local..." Instead of "C:\users\username.frensham\Appdata\laocal..."

Link to Article.

In the article, just look at step one. You may need to add the correct data file in the correct folder path and remove the incorrect datafile so outlook points to the actual data file. "C:\users\username.frensham\Appdata\Local..." If however the actual folder name in the path of the users profile is "laocal" It may be a good idea to uninstall reboot and reinstall Outlook.

If outlook is looking for a data file in a folder that doesn't exist it will cause an issue.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry about the typo!!

Thanks for the Youtube link which was useful for other problems but when I followed the instruction to go to the Users App Data/local/microsoft/outlook there was only one file in the folder mapisvc.inf. There may lie the problem that for dsome reason the file is not being copied across. The user does have admin rights to the folder in fact the C drive complete.



John H

Yep that is it. Repairing or reinstalls Outlook may be needed. Or repairing any connection issues with the exchange server so the files over. Let me know if you have further questions
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks I narrowed it down to the the users profile in the end as the Mail worked fine pulling it across a Citrix connection which uses a diddfferent profile so rebuilt profile and all is well again. Thanks for your help Case closed - Merry Christmas ( if you are a believer!)

Merry Christmas glad you got it working. It was a pleasure working with you!!
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