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Thanks so much! Google contacts is my main list, but I have

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Thanks so much! Google contacts is my main list, but I have older ones on Apple and Yahoo. I see lots of web instructions for syncing G with A or Y but is there one method that you'd recommend?

Also, I imported Y contacts long ago and have several duplicate contacts, but when I use duplicate contact utility, only 1 or 2 irrelevant ones are listed. NB that in G duplicates, one may be labeled "my contacts" the dup is labeled both "friends" and "imported 4/2/12"

Is there a way to unify these?

Thanks so much! Jeff
Thanks Jeff,

The best way is to import the contacts from yahoo and apple into Gmail. I would avoid synching the contacts as this can bring a number of problems.

To remove the duplicates in Yahoo, can you try this method please

Follow the Contacts link in Yahoo! Mail.
Select Tools | Clean up Duplicates… from the toolbar.
Click a suspected duplicate.
Make sure all address book entries that do not belong to the one you're consolidating are not checked (for Merge this duplicate) under Duplicates.
Click Edit under Merge Preview to remove any extraneous data or make other desired changes to the newly merged contact.
Click Save and Next.
Using Merge all EXACT on the duplicates list, you can quickly eliminate any dupes that are precise copies without differences.

Let me know please if you have any difficulties
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

HI, I already had imported the Yahoo and Apple contacts into Google. My Google has more contacts than the other two since it is my main one, and appears on my Android.


I would like to have those same contacts visible on Yahoo and Apple too, as my main mail is Yahoo and I primarily use a Mac and iPad.


In Google, I have many duplicated contacts which do not come up on the duplicate-contacts utility. How can I remove them?


Thanks, Jeff

Hi Jeff,

To import your contacts into Yahoo from GMail (it is the only way as you cannot synch them live) you do the following

Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Mail page, and select Import Contacts.

First, please re-enter your password. We want to make sure it’s you!
And now, a permissions page. Legal stuff! Read at your leisure, and when you feel ready, click I Agree. Or of course, if you’d rather not continue, just click I Do Not Agree.
One more hurdle: please verify that you’ve read the Terms of Service. How? By clicking in the check-box. OK! Click Start Transfer.

Enter the “old” email sign-in name for the account you’re transferring from, and in the pull-down menu, select the webmail domain it’s from.
Choose from:
Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, Comcast, Yahoo!, Cox, Earthlink, MSN, Netscape, Netzero, Juno, CS, Optonline, and

Enter the email account’s password. Click Next.

Please wait a moment while we verify this information. Thanks! If we run into a problem, we’ll ask that you please re-enter the username, provider and password XXXXX

Now, leave a check in the check-boxes beside the information you’d like to transfer to your Yahoo! account. You can transfer Email, Address Book info, and usually, your Calendar info. But some webmail programs don’t feature calendars.

Would you like to send a note to all these contacts announcing your new email address? No problem! Leave a check in the box beside “Send a note…” And if you want to write the note yourself, just click “Click here to personalize...”, and click Next when you’re done.
Click Next to transfer the information to your new Yahoo! account.
Done! Nice work. The “Finished” page confirms the transfer and offers you a quick route back to your Yahoo! Mail account: Take Me To Yahoo! Mail.

Please note that it may take as long as 24 hours to complete the transfer. And when it’s done, you’ll get a confirmation email in your Yahoo! Inbox.

For Apple, can I confirm which one from Apple this is please? Just tell me the part of the email address after the @ symbol.

For GMail, can I confirm you did the duplicate removal this way please?

Open the Contact Manager.
Click the More actions drop-down menu, select Find and merge duplicates.
We'll display the names of the contacts with duplicate data. If an entry has only one contact, then the contact itself has duplicate data (repeated phone numbers, emails, etc.) If an entry has two or more contacts, be sure to check whether these are duplicate contacts; many people have similar names. You can expand them by clicking details next to each one and unchecking any that you don't want to fix.
When you're ready, click Merge at the top of the list.

Let me know please Jeff
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rich: you asked me "for Apple, can I confirm which one from Apple this is please? Just tell me the part of the email address after the @ symbol."


I used to have email ending in HOWEVER it doesn't exist any longer. I have lots of Apple contacts that I use on Mac & iPad...but I use my Yahoo mail on them.


So, do you still need to know more in order to import my G contacts into Apple?



Hi Jeff,

If you don't use Apple email than I assume you connect to your Yahoo account via the iPad and Mac via the Apple Mail program?

If this is the case than you only need to import the contacts into Yahoo as we previously did.

Please let me know.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I'd lke to have all my contacts available in my Apple Mac c
Address book. That will also get them to iCloud
How do I get them from GMail to Apple Address book.?
Thanks Jeff,

Please do the following

Go to your GMail (

Click on GMail on the left with the Down Arrow and choose Contacts.

Than click on More at the top, and from the menu choose Export

You want to choose Outlook CSV, and than export. Save the file to your desktop.

Than in Apple Mac, Launch Address Book on your Mac.
Select File | Import | Text file... from the menu.
Search for and double-click the CSV we exported from GMail.

Click OK.

This will than import the file into your Address Book.

You are than finished Jeff.

If you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank You
Richard and 3 other Microsoft Office Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear Richard:

I want to ask you a follow up, which I will happily do as a new question so you're compensated. This thread though has the previous info which you can reference.


I wanted to erase all my MacBook Address Book contacts, and simply have my GMail ones. It worked to erase all of them, then import GMail contacts as VCFs. Worked well, no dupicates in my Apple contact book.


BUT, my iPad has duplicates and quadruplicates. I Want the iPad to just have the Contacts on my Macbook now.

I think the prob is partly because I can read my GMail on the iPad as an Exchange account.


At any rate, how could I get rid of all these extras?



Hi Jeff,

I can help you with this, but site policy is to make a new question

Are you able to make one here please?