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Hi--Im trying to import an Excel file into an Outlook Contacts

Customer Question

Hi--I'm trying to import an Excel file into an Outlook Contacts folder using the steps below, and get stuck on #8 -- "map custom fields" is greyed out, so the only option is to "change destination." [I'm trying to avoid cutting and pasting 150 individual names and addresses into a Contacts group, in preparation for sending an email to all recipients.]

1. Save your excel file of contacts as a .csv file. This is a comma delineated file, and it will allow outlook to import your contacts.

2. Create a folder in the contacts section of outlook where you would like to import these contacts to. For this import it could be “C3 contacts for email blast” or anything you like.

3. Click “file”, then ”open” then “import”

4. Choose “import from another program or file” and click next.

5. Choose the file type you wish to import, in this case it will be “Comma separated values (Windows)” and click next.

6. Now you can browse your computer to find your contacts file in .csv form that you created earlier. Once you have it highlighted, click next.

7. Now you can choose where you would like to import these contacts to. Find the folder you created in step 2, and highlight it. Click next.

8. On this screen, click the button where it says “map custom fields”

9. Here you will map the fields you need. Drag “name_printed” from the left box next to where it says “name” in the right box. Drag “address”(there email address field) next to where it says “email” in the box on the right.

10. Drag any other fields you wish to have to their appropriate places in the box on the right.

11. Click import, and your done!
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  comp_audio replied 4 years ago.

pctech :

Hello, my name is Matt, and I would like to assist you today. First I need to know what version of Outlook you are using. Then would you please send me [email protected] a small sample file with at least 3 lines of your spreadsheet so I can see the format your using to ensure it is correct. Once I have that I will test it, and fix what needs fixing then send it back. All you would have to do at that point is make your sheet like mine and your good to go.

JACUSTOMER-uorshtnb- :

Hi Matt,

JACUSTOMER-uorshtnb- :

that would be wonderful. 'm using Outlook 2010, but the Excel spreadsheet I'm using was probably created in an older version of the program. I'll attach a portion of it to a separate email so that you can see it.

JACUSTOMER-uorshtnb- :


pctech :

Okay, I will get it and let you know.

pctech :

I got it, and see what the problem is. I will get it formatted and sent back to you within 30 minutes okay?

pctech :

Hello, if you found my answers helpful please let me know by accepting my answer and giving me an excellent rating. If you still need more assistance please reply and let me know so that I can continue to work to solve your problem. Thank you very much for the opportunity to work with you.

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