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faggster, Information Systems Manager
Category: Microsoft Office
Satisfied Customers: 378
Experience:  I am a technical leader for a large manufacturing company. MCP, CCA. CCNA , CNA.
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When I add a button to the toolbar or create a macro in Word

Customer Question

When I add a button to the toolbar or create a macro in Word 2003, the next time I open Word it's gone. It used to work fine until I had to restore my Windows 7 computer to the factory settings and then reinstalled MS Office. What is causing this?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  faggster replied 4 years ago.
prfpcdoctor : Hello thanks for usng just answer a paid support site. You need to open your word template and save the settings to there does it ask you to save the template on exit
prfpcdoctor : .
prfpcdoctor : ?
JACUSTOMER-a2klwj73- :

No it doesn't and it never did before either. I have never needed to use templates

prfpcdoctor : I see you have rated bad service may I ask why ?
prfpcdoctor : i asked a question hence the question mark
JACUSTOMER-a2klwj73- :

This did nothing to solve either of my issues.

prfpcdoctor : i didn't say it would I was finding out more information
JACUSTOMER-a2klwj73- :

Do you have any solutions?

prfpcdoctor : Depending on if you are willing to be patient to work through troubleshooting to look at the issue rather than instantly make snap judgements
JACUSTOMER-a2klwj73- :

Never mind. I can't believe your attitude

prfpcdoctor : I cannot believe your lack of common sense
JACUSTOMER-a2klwj73- :

Again - the attitude

prfpcdoctor : yousenses oh don't drop your PC to someone and just say not working and expect them to work it out they will need to ask questions
JACUSTOMER-a2klwj73- :

You are supposed to be professional, please end this discussion and I will not pay for any of this service

prfpcdoctor : Yes and your supposed to understand how to converse.

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