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I have an excel questions. how would you like me to send the

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I have an excel questions. how would you like me to send the file or maybe you can send me the formula. On sheet one I have the data and on sheet two I would like to have rows that match. Here is my criteria, I would like to have the entire row in sheet one that match "d1" cells but have different B1 cells. i'm guessing its some sort of vlookup. If you need the sheet let me know what upload service to use, wikisend isn't working. thanks
I am Pete, and I'll be happy to assist with your question today.

You can try attaching the Excel file here if it is not too large.
Alternatively, if Wikisend is still not back online, you can use another free file-sharing service such as or

Hi Brian,

I received the spreadsheet, thanks.

Sheet 2 is blank. Can you explain more what you mean by "match "d1" cells but have different B1 cells"?
What information do you require on Sheet2? Can you send an example layout of what you require?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok so on Sheet2 I would like to have the entire row that is in Sheet1. I would only like to see stuff that has the same "d1" description. However is D1 is the same and B1 is the same that will not work. I would like to have D1 the same and B1 with different fields. For example CWHL 2004-9 A5 is in D1 and TAHO and JVBM are different in B1. I would like to have the entire row show up for TAHO and JVBM in Sheet 2. Does that make sense?

Hi Brian,

Yes, that makes sense.

I have copied any rows where D1 is the same and B1 has different values.

See attached:

Attachment: 2012-11-04_230948_copy_of_matchers1104.xls

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, but what formula did you use? this is all dummy data I need the formula for future use?

Hi Brian,

I copied the data to sheet 2, then sorted it first by Deal Name, then by Dealer.
Then I used an IF formula to show if deal name on first row is equal to deal name on second row, AND dealer on first row is not equal to dealer on second row, display TRUE.
I then sorted again by TRUE and removed all the false results.

There is no single formula as such; sorts and IF and AND statements are used to manipulate the data to get the results you require.


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