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how do I create a graphical taxonomy in excel?

Customer Question

how do I create a graphical taxonomy in excel?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  Arty replied 4 years ago.

Taxonomy is similar to classification. The difference is:
- when you do classification, you already know all possible set of classes. Say if you have a single spatial point (Latitude, Longitude) within North America continent, you can classify this point as one of US/Canada States. The set of all possible states is pre-defined and you know it beforehand.
- when you do taxonomy, you just have a set of 'attributes' and 'values' and should guess which classes do they form. Say if you have 1000 data points of (Latitude, Longitude) and you should guess which classes are here. Say if these 1000 points are grouped in 3 areas you can guess that there are 3 classes. These classes are results of taxonomy.

Depending on nature of your data it may be not possible to draw taxonomy graphs at all. I just mentioned (Latitude, Longitude) - 2 attribute pair, but there may be more attributes and not all may be numerical. In case of simple (X, Y) pair you can use 'X Y (Scatter)' chart type to visualize groups of data. Also you can try to use 'Bubble' chart.

But for most cases MS Office is not an appropriate tool for taxonomy visualization. Say 'Weka' ( can be used to visualize data in some way. Read Documentation -> Tutorial.

Or you can tell me what are you trying to do and provide your data set and I can check what can be done to visualize it.

Expert:  Arty replied 4 years ago.
Here is an example of bubble chart usage:

Here is an example of scatter chart usage:

I'm not sure if this helps. But you say nothing about a kind of data do you have and how do you want this to be visualized..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Reply took too long. I was asked to respond at 5am!!! Maybe I didn't provide enough information in the question because the answer doesn't move me any further along on my project. Don't think I will use this resource again.

Expert:  Arty replied 4 years ago.


You provided not much information, really not enough to answer completely. Even if my reply came too late, if you still need help, please clarify what exactly are you trying to get, then may be I or another expert could help.


You could not accept my answer anyway and ask for refund, instead of accepting and giving Poor rating. I really don't feel it is my fault that I don't know what exactly are you trying to get.

You opened your question with 'Urgency: LOW', may be other experts were busy on high urgency questions at that time. What about be, my timezone is GMT+11, probably opposite to yours and it was my night when you asked it.


Regards, Arty

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