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I want to share a Microsoft Access database with multiple people

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I want to share a Microsoft Access database with multiple people spread across the US. I've been told by a Techie at Staples that "ReadyShare" might be the solution I'm looking for. Is this correct? Where can I find more information at the "Dummy" level? Bill Bickford

First, have a look over this article:

Sharepoint is probably your best bet. There's a ton of ways to share an access database online, some are costly, some are complicated.

Readyshare, will not work. It will still be hosted on one facility causing uploads and downloads constantly to keep the data fresh, but it will be locked by the host until completed (you, for example), simulatneous access will not be possible, and it would be slow even if it is.

You need a server host to support the bandwidth of people connecting.

Sharepoint however is not overly complicated. This is a breakdown of the setup (using 2010):

Honestly, it's going to be your least painful choice but you'll need a host (many are available online), and it will cost money. Any feasible option will.

You could of course buy a sharepoint server and host it at your place, but it'll be just as costly and not as reliable.

Here's an example of one host:

Its priced at data used, not at user level (seat's generally go for 150$'s a piece, so at their current pricing at rackspace, that's cheap at 10$ per month per gb or so of data).

Anyway, a lot of reading to do on it. Contacting one of the hosts to see if they can meet your needs and at how much is your next step. Most of the hosting providers will walk you through the process as well, very easily.

Hopefully that gets you started. Please remember to rate the level of service I Have provided ONLY when you are satisfied. If you need anything further, just use the REPLY button and I'll continue to assist. Thanks!

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