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I have some issues with Microsoft Word and Endnote. I frequently

Customer Question

I have some issues with Microsoft Word and Endnote. I frequently get error messages that word cannot create the work variable? Particularily if I try to attach a document to an email using Outlook, but not every time, and sometimes randomly as well. I am using Windows 7 PC with Microsoft Office 2010, Outlook 2007, and Endnote X4. I really think it is something to do with Endnote X4 and Office 2010 but I got no help from either vendor. The problems only started with my Windows 7 machine and Endnote X4 installation. Ideas? I have re-installed and updated everything. At one point my IT guy even wiped my machine and reinstalled Windows 7.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  jnayes replied 4 years ago.

Since it's random at times, I'll need you to test something for me and let me know if it resolves.

Endnote x4 is compatible with 2010 regardless, but I think you're on the right track with it being the issue. And its likely a permissions one, which can, and does happen.

What we want to do are two things.

1) Run Word in Administrator mode.

2) Run Endnote with administrator as well.

To do this, click start, type Microsoft Word 2010, right click it, click Properties. Click the compatibility tab.

Checkbox the bottom "Run As Administrator" option. Click apply, click ok.

Do the same thing with Endnote's executable. The path is c:\program files (x86)\endnote x4

You will see the endnote.exe file (the extension will be hidden by default, the .exe part, but that is the run file). Apply the same steps you applied to Microsoft Word.

Run Word, and begin your testing, posting back the results after you're confident the problem has not returned (or if it made no difference). You will get a prompt each time you start word to "allow" admin access, this is ok for now, we'll get rid of that warning at a later time assuming this test works as needed.

Keep me posted via reply.

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