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is there an Excel and Word App for iPad?

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is there an Excel and Word App for iPad?
Hi there

Happy to help

There are really two main solutions for you.

One of them is Documents to Go, with allows you to edit Word, Excel, and (with premium) Powerpoint as well. Check out the basic version for Word/Excel here:

There is also Pages, which is part of iWork, for Word docs and PDFs:

Along with Numbers, for Excel spreadsheets:

More about the Pages app here:
More about the Numbers app here:

Learn more about iWork here:


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Frederick S,


Respectfully, XXXXX XXXXX not answer my question which was: is there an Excel and Word App for iPad? Perhaps I should have asked Is there a Microsoft App for Excel and Word. I want more than editing. I want to create spreadsheets and documents as I do in the regular Vista Excel and Word but on my iPad. Perhaps I will just create on my computer, get Documents to Go (which i had read about but rejected 'cuz it's edit, not create) send the document to the iPad and then edit it there. But will this work?

Hi JimThere isn't an official Microsoft app, hence my suggestions for the top two products available in the App Store. Sorry for not stating that up-front. Yes, Documents to Go and the iWork apps both can handle the same documents you can open up on your PC in Word and Excel.If you check out the "more info about pages" link, on top it says "Pages lets you create beautiful letters, reports, flyers, and more on your iPad"... So yep! You can create them on either your PC or iPad to start, and they'll be compatible between both devices.Thank you!FS
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