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Good morning, I would like to know how to convert an excel

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Good morning,
I would like to know how to convert an excel spreadsheet to an excel database (Excel 2003).


I dont know what you mean by excel database. Excel is a spreadsheet not a database.


You can however easily switch it to 2003 format.


click the logo on the top left

click save as

select other format

in the file type select excel 2003



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Good afternoon,

My reason for asking was that we had a company building a database for us using excel 2003. It is taking too long for them to complete the project and since I already have the information in a spreadsheet, I wanted to have it in a format where I can run reports and enter data on a front screen and not directly within the spreadsheet.

You need to check with them. excel is not a database its a spreadsheet. Perhapst they are using access. Or they just totally underestimated how difficult it is to use excel vs a real database program. with is why they are behind in the project.


It is very easy to get excel from 2010 to 2003. You just use the save as command. You can get it into any database program by saving it as a csv file using the same save as command and importing the csv file.


What seems more likely assuming that they know what they are doing is not moving the data but recreating all of the functions on a complex spreadsheat so they make sense in a database. For example its easy to have different formulas for different lines in the spreadsheet but for the database program you want as much as possible to have everything working the same way.



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