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PC running Office 2000 (Excel question) Sorting problem I

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PC running Office 2000 (Excel question)
Sorting problem

I have a file that monitors attendance.
Worksheet 1 is the master roster with additional info (Lastname, firstname, DOB, ID#, etc).
Worksheet 2 is the daily attendance sheet. It has formulas that tally the information.
Worksheet 3 is the summary sheet. it has formulas that also tally information.

Information from worksheet 1 (lastname, firstname, etc) is also carried over to worksheets 2 and 3. This way the roster is stable across the 3 sheets.

When a new name is XXXXX XXXXX deleted in the master roster, that list needs to be resorted to maintain alphabetical order. I select the column I want to work in, expand the selection and sort. The names sort perfectly on worksheet 1, 2 and 3.

The data in the rows on worksheets 2 and 3 does not sort. This meas the data is not associated with the person. I need all the data to sort.

What do I need to do?

Thank you.



You need to use formulas on the other two sheets to lookup the names in the roster sheet so the cells always refer to the names no matter where the sorting places that name




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The following " formula" draws the names from the master roster to the worksheets: ='Master Roster 12-13'!A2.


Is there a formula or function I need to use so that the data associated with the name from the Master Roster moves with the name?


When I sort the master roster, the names on the other worksheets adjust accordingly.

No that is not a lookup formula and that's why the results keep changing when you sort.


If you are not familiar with vlookup formulas I am afraid the only way to resolve this is to get your file and rewrite the formulas in the entire two sheets



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am willing to try. I have learned a lot from basic guidance. Can you provide basic information about vlookup (common mistakes, terminology, etc)?


Thank you.


Ok I can send you a sample file to show you how it works, and if you find later that you need me to set up the formulas on your file (or help you set up the formulas) on then you will have to consider a new request for that. Since there is a lot if work involved I need to make sure I get credit for my work



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This allows me to learn how to use the vlookup. If I need you to set it up then will do a new request.


Thank you.


Ok I am on it now. Here is the general syntax of the VLOOKUP formula to pull values from C ion sheet2 which matches the values in A1 on both sheets




In the meantime you can go ahead and rate. Thanks


Were you able to apply that formula to your data



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