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IT Miro
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I have a problem with my basic filing system. Its not set

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I have a problem with my basic filing system. It's not set up right, which creates problem when other programs, like Picasa in this case, list the programs they have access to.
Any suggestions?
Hello, I am Engineer John C., I will be your expert today.

As Picasa doesn't have the option, if you want to upload your pictures, you will need to do it manually.

To do this manually, go to, then click Sign In on the upper right (if not already signed in), then click the folder you want to upload the pictures to, and then click the first icon on the top (the upload icon), select the pictures and upload them.

I cordially request that you do not take a correct answer as a bad or poor answer.

Please ONLY select "OK, Good or Excellent Service" below (and then click Submit) so I can get a positive feedback in

Also, please note that if my following procedures do not solve the issue, just click "Reply to Expert". Please DO NOT LEAVE ME A NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, as I will be with you until we solve the issue.

Thank you

John C.
Computer Science Engineer
Engineer John C., Engineer
Category: Microsoft Office
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Experience: Computer Science Engineer
Engineer John C. and 4 other Microsoft Office Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
John, appreciate the advice, but this is not that easy. How much experience do you have working with Picasa?

Until roughly a year ago when I changed computers, Picasa showed all pictures on the computer, regardless of where they were located. And whenever I opened Picasa it would instantly search for new pictures since last time opened (in all files on the computer) and add them to it's files.

THAT's the feature I am trying to get back.

I just now downloaded Picasa 3.9 - it loads new pictures when I open - as before - but only from a very limited number of files.

Here is where I think the problem is:

When I click on the 'File' Icon in the left hand corner of the task bar, five main file groups show up in the left hand pane:
- Favoties
- Libraries
- Homegroup
- Computer and
- Network

My main files, the ones I work with every day, all day, including a very large picture file, are in Dropbox, which shows up in 'Favorites' .

When I open Picasa it searches all files on the computer but not Dropbox.
When you set up Picasa it lets you choose which files you want it to search for new pictures, files you choose from a drop down list. That list does not show 'Dropbox' and I can't figure out how to add Dropbox to that drop down list.

There's a 2nd chapter to this discussion, having to do with what Dropbox will and will not accept, but discussion gets too long.

You have the capability to view my screen with Team viewer? It's lot easier to show you the problem than to explain it.
Unfortunately we are not allowed to use TeamViewer. I will opt out so any other expert can try to help you. You will receive an email when another expert takes your question. The new expert will see all our previous thread, so no need to explain the issue again.

Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

For what it's worth, on one previous occasion, a Just Answers expert took control of my screen. Don't remember if it was with TeamViewer or some other software. I have TV on my computer, but don't care what we use. Takes only a few seconds to download...
Hi, I’m a moderator for this topic. Your Professional has opted out and I wonder whether you’re still waiting for an answer. If you are, please let me know and I will do my best to find another Professional to assist you right away. If not, feel free to let me know and I will cancel this question for you. Thank you!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Linda - thanks for getting back. Yes, still waiting for an answer...
Sometimes, finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected and we thank you greatly for your understanding. We’ll be in touch again shortly
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No problem - fortunately, this is not an emergency.

Hello! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will assist you solve your problem.

Since I have experience with both Picasa and Dropbox, I will help you.

Picasa can scan your entire computer to update its picture database, however it seems not all folders are set to be watched or scanned by Picasa so Picasa doesn't look in those folders.

So, to check that, start Picasa and click File > Add Folder to Picasa... and there manually set "watch" folders you want Picasa to index (set them to Scan always), especially dropbox folders.

That should do what you want.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

appreciate you are taking this project on. Yet, not so easy....I am very familiar with everything you suggest and have tried to do just that multiple times. The problem is that Dropbox is not a choice in Picasa's Folder Manager. No matter which possible file-folder I open - it's not there. If you back to my very first question....the problem is that my file system is not set up correctly, which precludes dropbox from anything Picasa has access to.
Hmm. Please exit both Dropbox and Picasa. Then start Picasa and try to add dropbox folders when Dropbox is not running.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No change - Dropbox is not a choice in Picasa file system. Let me mention something else:
I click on Windows button in lower left of task bar, then on 'Documents' - 'Documents Libraries' opens and the fifth item down is 'DropBox'.
When I open Add Folders in Picasa and click on 'My Documents' DropBox is not there.
What is the difference between 'Documents' and 'My Documents'?
Documents Library is a virtual folder where you can link an actual folder - something like shortcut to all your documents. You cannot browse to that library from Picasa since it is not an actual folder.

You either need to browse to My Documents or to another actual folder.

What is your root (master) Dropbox folder address path? Is it in My Documents as default or somewhere else?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Now it gets interesting - computer science question I don't understand. When I open the Dropbox folder and click on 'Properties' it shows as it's Location C:/User/Public/Documents
Is that the same as the 'Dropbox folder address path'?
You can verify that by right-clicking Dropbox icon that should be near the clock and then selecting Preferences... Then click on the Advanced tab and you will see Dropbox location.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes indeed - C:/Users/Public/Documents/Dropbox

Also, Miro - I need to leave. Continue on this project tomorrow or maybe from home....depending on the dog and the old lady Laughing
No problem. I think the whole problem is because your Dropbox location is in C:\Users\Public.

You can move the whole content to somewhere else, for example C:\Users\<your user name>\My Documents\Dropbox.

Try that and see if that works.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Next and hopefully last question...
In earlier versions of Windows there used to be Windows Explorer, where you could move files around. How do you do that in Win 10?
Also, if I move Dropbox from where it is now, will it still sync with homebase?

You most likely have Windows 7, not Windows 10 (doesn't exist). To move or copy files, just double-click on Computer icon and first go to a drive and then folder with files you want to move or copy. It's the same with all Windows versions.

If explorer is not running, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to start Task Manager and there click Applications (1st tab) and click on the New Task... button. In Open box, type explorer and click OK.

When you move Dropbox location to a new location, it will take some time to move current files and folders and once all is done, everything will be synchronized as usual.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Task Manager was already running, clicked Application, clicked on New Task (some other task was there - Intuit - highlit in blue) - erased all of that - typed Explorer and hit Ok.

Now where is Explorer?
I am not sure what exactly do you mean by Explorer. Could you double-click Computer icon on Desktop and browse disk drives and folders normally?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hang in there, Miro! This is still active. Need to run the business besides solving IT problems....
Please elaborate what problem you would like to solve since Windows Explorer is started with Windows so you can easily open and browse folders and perform operations such as copy, move, paste, etc.

IT Miro, Computer Scientist
Category: Microsoft Office
Satisfied Customers: 3140
Experience: Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, Microsoft Certified Professional
IT Miro and 4 other Microsoft Office Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I solved it! When you said "In Picasa at File Add Folders to DropBox" I could not find Dropbox. It is indeed at C/Users/Public/Public Doc's/DropBox...and once located I just had to add it to Picasa. Picasa is scanning the entire picture inventory as we speak...Appreciate your patience!
I am glad I could help!

Have a nice day,
IT Miro

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