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Hello, Im running Vista Home on a 65 bit machine with installed

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I'm running Vista Home on a 65 bit machine with installed Office 2007. My system has become highly unstable...freezing, blue screen, hanging up. I've used the latest online virus scan and it comes up clean. Outlook is at least part of the problem, it crashes every time and it seems to be where I noticed the problem first....I have a 12 gig .pst file that I think is causing the problem (I've heard that's to big of pst file).. I've used CClean and Uniblue registry cleaner. And its running a little better. I've downloaded all my program and documents to an external hard drive. My system restore option does not help because there were no saved restore points. Do I know have to reformat and start over?

What you are describing isn't good at all!!

From what you have all said I would advise to do the following:

Please put try recovering the registry, by putting the windows disc in and select the repair option, it asks for the admin password. If you are unable to do so, then that means you don't have a backup partition on the computer.

If you still cannot get into your computer, I would advise to reinstall Windows Vista, you do get the option during the install to save your current files, sometimes it doesn't work 100% though. So if you have files on your computer that are not not easy to get back(irreplaceable), I would advise to take the hard drive out, take it to a Data Recovery Center(most local computer shops can also, get your data off the hard drive) Then get a new hard drive and install windows.

Glad I could be of assistance and god bless!

Travis B.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Can you explain a little more about the back-up computer came pre-loaded so I don't have any discs. As I wrote, I can copy any file off my hardrive onto my external drive, so I'm not sure why going to a data recovery center is suggested?
I'm sorry I hadn't read that you had access to the files..that is good thing that you can obtain your files and will not lose any data.

Please then save all your data and since everything was preloaded you would need to get an installation disc for window's vista either from the computer manfacturer, or online store, eBay, Amazon, or locally like Walmart.

Once you obtain a Window's Vista installation disc you would just insert it and start over with a fresh install on a formatted hard drive.

Glad I could be of assistance and god bless!

Travis B.
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Please let me know if you are up and running!


Travis B.

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