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Hi there... I have Microsoft Word Mac 2011 and would like to

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Hi there... I have Microsoft Word Mac 2011 and would like to know how i can set up a document so that when i give it out to my clients they will not be able to copy and paste from it or edit it. I do not want it to have a password XXXXX Is this possible? I run a Resume business and Copyright Laws apply to the contents of these documents, and i am finding that recruitment companies want to chop and cut them up for their own purposes. My clients need to be able to print this document and also send it out for on-line applications, but more and more companies and agencies are asking for them to be in Word format. I have a friend who has her own business, but she is not prepared to tell me how she was able to do it, so i know it is possible, but don't know how. Are you able to help? Thanking you in advance... Rosie.

I know of one way that should work in Mac as well, it works in 2007 and 2010 for PC. Microsoft does offer a very expensive digital signing way too.

However, I think this will work out for you pretty well. Open a word document, click the developer ribbon (these steps may not be 100% the same as yours as I don't have 2011 for Mac available to be at the moment).

What you're looking for in the developer portion is Restrict Editting. Then on the right, it'll ask you what editting you'd like to restrict it to. Change it to FORMS mode, and then apply the changes. It will ask for a password (this is to allow future editting).

After changing it to forms mode and locking it with a password, they'll no longer be able to highlight the words and such to do an easy copy. If they try to bypass it by resaving it using save as it will still carry the same restriction.

Let me know how it goes for you or if you're unable to find the right settings. The developer ribbon can be enabled by clicking the little gear/wheel at the top right I believe, then you'll be able to enable it. For Word 2007/2010 its enabled by default.

Or you can go to Word > preferences > ribbon and check it from there.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
,Hi there... under the developer portion there is no "Restrict Editing". I have looked everywhere for it, but can not see it anywhere. What you are saying sounds perfect, but I am not able to do it unless it is labelled as something else. Can you help? There is "Restrict Permissions" followed by "Manage Credentials" but I don't know how this works.
Hmm, try looking in the Review Tab, and then in the Protect group.

I believe it may be located in there.

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