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I have a Dell 9100 with Windows XP Professional and Microsoft

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I have a Dell 9100 with Windows XP Professional and Microsoft Ward 2010
If I want to put an automatic number into a document I have to:-
Left Click on “Insert”
Left Click on “Quick Parts”
Left Click on “Field”
Left Click on “AutoNum”
Left Click on”OK”
How do I produce a Macro so that I don’t have to repeat these five operations every time I want to add another automatic Number?
Thank you
Lytton Jarman

HandyDan217 :

To record a macro in Word 2010, please go to the View Tab at the top ribbon and select "Macros" - >Record Macro. From there you can choose a name for your macro (like InsertAutoNum or anything you would like). Choose the option to assign to to a button and select the hotkey that you want to assign to this function (somelike like ALT+N or whatever your preference is). Then the macro is recording... Simply go through the steps you normally take to insert your AutoNum as you listed before and when finished go back to View->Macros and select Stop Recording. That's it! Now you can press your hotkey and it will insert the AutoNum for you anytime.


Thank you so much for your advice. The various books do not explain it in such straightforward way. The assume a lot.


Thank you very much.

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