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Need help with a =mid function in Excel Here is the function

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Need help with a =mid function in Excel

Here is the function that I am working on:


The problem that I am having is that right now the ROW($1:$12) is fixed - but I need the second number (in the above example $12) to be copied from a cell.

When I try to do this, the formula is rejected by Excel.

For instance, if the number I need for the Row is in cell F3, I need the formula to pull the number from that cell, as the number of rows is a function of the number of characters in the string

so what I am trying is:


where $12 is replaced by $(=f3).

Make sense?

I am using this function in order to extract the numbers only from a string.

In the above example, this is the string, which has 12 characters:


So I need it to return = 8

but the next string could be 15 characters and so on.........

the string will always end with numbers - just do not know how many - could be between 4 - 7

Can you help - is there another function to do this?

PS: What I originally started with was a URL from ebay and what I am trying to pull from the URL is the category number - here is original URL:



This array formula uses the value in F3 as the last row in the range




Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for clicking Accept if you are satisfied with the solution



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