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Hi There i am still having problems with Outlook for 2 of my

Resolved Question:

Hi There i am still having problems with Outlook for 2 of my clients. They are both on the same network and use the same exchange server. There are a total of 20 staff users and they are the only 2 who have this problem.
Problem is they can send and recieve in outlook fine within the network but cant receive from outside emails. They can send outside fine but not recieve. I have tried setting up a new account on a new desktop for them but same result. I have tried repairing outlook, new profiles, new pst,ost but same problems. I am not sure how to find out where thier emails are being sent in exchange as i am only a novice new user to Exchange and servers.
Please HELP!!!!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  jnayes replied 5 years ago.

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Here's what it sounds like to me, when you create a user in exchange/active directory, they are defaulted an internal email address (typically of your domain, could be something like mike @domain.local

If that's the case, an external address needs to be assigned.

To do this, get on the server. Select Active Directory users and computers. (start > all programs > administrative tools > )

Once inside, locate one of the users who can't receive outside email, they will likely be located either in Users, or Mybusiness > users, or Mybusiness > sbsusers. You'll have to expand the domain (double click it) if its not expanding in the AD users and computers.

Right click one of the users having problems and click Properties. Click the Email Addresses tab. This is where their email should be specified and set as their primary. If you don't see their external email listed there (which is likely the case), then you will need to click NEW. Select Custom Address, type out the FULL email address.

For Type, type out SMTP

Click ok. Now in the list for email addresses, highlight the one you just created, and click "Set as primary".

You can add as many email addresses as you like (their account will receive on whatever ones you add to it).

Try sending in a test address to the account you alter.

The only other possibility is if you have a spam filtering service where your mail goes before it is received by your company, such as Redcondor or something to that effect where you need to actually create the mailbox on the filter as well. But this is a pretty rare setup in general.

Let me know how it goes.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi in Active directory when i click on users it doesnt have the email address option. I can only find this in Exchange management console under recpient config >mailbox. In that email address option it has both email's like you mentioned??? I forgot to mention that i can send receive fine in outlook web access both internal and external just not from outlook.
Expert:  jnayes replied 5 years ago.
I see, that makes a large difference if its just the Outlook client having problems.

Ok, for one of the clients affected, open Outlook.

Click Tools > account settings, and double click the account to open its properties.

For Outlook 2010, its File > Info > Account settings.

Next, click More Settings on the bottom right of the window that appears after selecting the account. Be sure that the email address listed there is the full email address of the user. Once again try to receive an email.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok checked and the email address is correct. Tried sending a test email but still same. goes to outlook web access fine but not normal outlook 2010
Expert:  jnayes replied 5 years ago.
I'll have to look at it remotely, are you on one of the affected computers/users ? Such as if I issued a remote, would I be in a test environment I can see the problem ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i can give you the ip address and admin passwords if you like?
I use both Teamviewer and remote desktop.
the server's details are.IP
One of the users name is Terry Kibby
Her Teamviewer I.D is:235619283

Expert:  jnayes replied 5 years ago.
We have to use our remote software for Justanswer, then from there you can remote into the affected machines with TV or whatever and I'll take a peek.

Here's the instructions for the connection.

Please do not click Accept or Rate my answer until after I have resolved the issue.


I will present you with a link to click. Click Run Remote Desktop. It should say “Joining Session” and then you will be prompted to Run/Continue/Allow, select any of them. Your antivirus may pop up and you’ll need to click allow as well. When done correctly, it should say Ready to Connect on the bottom right.


If it does not, try the process again (click the link again). And during Joining Session “Click to try another option” and a file download should begin. RUN/OPEN that file. It’s important that you click Allow/continue/run to any Prompts. If I’m NOT connected within a few minutes, return to this page and let me know if there is problems/errors.


Click the link below to begin:
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