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I have been using Excel 2000 happily for several years and

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I have been using Excel 2000 happily for several years and have a custom toolbar with the "Paste Special" button. I copy and paste lots of data from websites to spreadsheets and it usually places it in the correct columns. For the past week this wasn't happening. All the data goes into one column as text. Even copying data from one coloured cell to a blank cell will show the data but not the coloured shading or other formatting. When I click the "Paste Special" button, it displays only the "Unicode Text" or "Text" option instead of the window with 15 options that I used to get. If I reboot my computer, the correct "Paste Special" window appears once or twice and then it reverts to the incorrect one with only text options. When I use “ctrl x” then “ctrl v” to cut and paste from one cell to another, the new cell is filled with text but the old one still has the original data and formatting. In MSWord, the “Paste Special” shows only the "Unicode Text" or "Text" option instead of the usual window with 5 options. Can you help me?



Have you installed any web based application lately such as skype



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes. The problem probably started after I first installed Skype and Logitec Webcam Software including Logitec Vid HD. I lost these when I did the Restore but I then installed Skype and Logitec Webcam Software without Logitec Vid HD.

Ok the issue is most likely caused by Skype Click to Call component. Just uninstall that program (if you don't have Click to Call, try uninstalling Skype) and you should be good to go


Hope this helps and thank you for clicking Accept if you are satisfied with the answer



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That sounds promising but it is nearly 1am here so I will have to wait until tomorrow to try your suggestion and test the result. I will get back to you much later. Many thanks so far.

No problem but remember to click Accept so I can get credit.









Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I have uninstalled Skype Click to Call and my Cut, Copy and Paste problems in Office 2000 seem to be over.


Thanks very much for your help. I will "Accept Answer" and send feedback as soon as soon as this message is sent.

Great! Glad it worked


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