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Ive put together a fairly simple patient record database in

Customer Question

I've put together a fairly simple patient record database in Access 2007 for a behavioral health clinic. My problem is that, any time I try to print a multipage (tabbed) form, Access crashes. On the very rare occasion when it doesn't crash, it prints only the first page of the form.

I have tried generating a report from the form, skipping print preview, and compacting/repairing but the problem persists.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  flopcat98 replied 5 years ago.

Access has a limit on the print size of a form. To get around it you need to make each page a subform and put a physical page break in between the pages.



I dont know why the report would not work I would probably have to see it.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I replied a few hours ago but it's not appearing as part of our conversation on my end, so I'm sending it again. I apologize if it's repetitive.

I don't believe I'm running into a print size limit. Access crashes each time I try to print one of my multipage forms; it seems more likely that there would be an error message if this were the case. It also crashes when I try to print only one page from the form by selecting "page 1" in the printer dialog box.

It crashes whether I'm using quick print without print preview, and it also crashes immediately if I open print preview.

Creating a separate subform for each page would require such an enormous amount of work I'm hoping to avoid it if at all possible.

Expert:  flopcat98 replied 5 years ago.

You can try repairing the access program itself


control panel / add remove programs /

select it from the list and select change / repair

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