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Resolved Question:

Attachment: 2012-03-01_194456_book1.xls

hi I need to write a formule in Excel 2003 as follows: Worksheet has 3 workbooks : 1) Matrix data -is fixed no change 2)Collected data is the data inserted by end user 3)Result :What is required Refering to Matrix Data worksheet if the Job title has "X" in the required course and the same person has "No" in the Collected data worksheet , then "Development Need" in the cell below the specified course And if the Job title has "X" in the required course and the same person has "Yes" in the Collected data worksheet , then "No Development Need" Otherwise "NA" Example: Job title (Co S&M Man) in Mtrix Data Course Affiliate Professional of CIM has "X" In collected Data (Alan Baldwin (cell A3) course :Affiliate Professional of CIM has "Yes" However in Result in C3 should show "No devlopment Need" if "No" "Development Need" Otherwise "NA" I have an example to explain what I am trying to say but I don't know how to attatch it. Thanks
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  Travis replied 5 years ago.

bobnosnarb :

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer~! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I would like to assist you with your question.

bobnosnarb :

You can upload the file to and provide the url so we can download it.

bobnosnarb :

I see the example attached never mind.



bobnosnarb :

I'll take a look and get back to you. I'm also going to switch to Q&A so we don't have others jumping on on this. Is that ok?


ok many thanks

Expert:  Travis replied 5 years ago.

Alright, I've got it for you. The formula is based on the "Job Title" so the "Job Title" has to match on the "Matrix Data" sheet and the "Result" sheet. If it does not it will display an error like this "#N/A". I shortened the results to "NDN", "DN", and "NA" so they could fit in the given cell. This can easily be changed in the formula. If you need help or further explanation let me know. Here is the formula and I've linked the sheet you gave me here.


=IF(AND((VLOOKUP(B3,'Matrix Data'!$A$2:$S$12,2,FALSE))="X",'Collected Data'!C3="no"),"DN",IF(AND((VLOOKUP(B3,'Matrix Data'!$A$2:$S$12,2,FALSE))="X",'Collected Data'!C3="yes"),"NDN","NA"))



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