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I have a workbook in excel 2003 with several sheet that copy

Customer Question

I have a workbook in excel 2003 with several sheet that copy info to each other. I was changing the font size on a cell, when a pop up told me (too many different cell formats). I could not do much of anything without getting this pop up ERROR! So I saved and closed, reopened and continued on... This kept happening and now (Excel has found unreadable content-- do I want to recover) so I answered yes.....(.Errors were detected, Microsoft was able to open by making repairs listed. Save to make permanent. Repairs = damage so extensive, repairs not possible. Excel attempted to recover formulas and values, some were lost.) when I open what excel saved it is 22 sheets of #'s in random cells? can I restore my computer to earlier this evening? Anything? Please help!!!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  Freddy M. replied 5 years ago.
You can try doing a system restore but it most likely will not help. To do that click on the windows start button then click on all programs. Click on accessories and then on system tools. There click on system restore. Choose a restore point and click on next or ok. Unfortunately this normally only effects system files though. If it does not revert there is only one other possible place you may find a copy. That is the temp directory. To check that click on the windows start button. Then click on run if you do not see run use the start search. Type in %temp% and press the enter key. The temp folder should open. Open every excel file you see and if you find one with that content use the save as option to save it. If you do not find a copy there unfortunately that file is lost.

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