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I have windows 7. I have been using Excel Starter 2010 since

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I have windows 7. I have been using Excel Starter 2010 since August, today I try to call up a file..This is the message I got "There was a problem sending the command to the program. I then went to my book storage then gave the same error message.. I do need these files as it got all my Federal Tax info

There are a few things we can try but the easiest one that might fix a multiple of causes is to do a system restore to a few days before you know that it was working


System restore instructions - windows 7

type system restore in the white search box on the windows start menu and select system restore from the results


select restore to an earlier date.

choose a date from the calendar that is BEFORE you experienced the problem

hit ok / restore

the computer will start to shut down

a restoring settngs box will appear with a status bar

when it finishes your computer will restart with the same settings it had on the date you restored to. your data will not be affected.

It is not perfect. But it fixes a lot of things.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I did restore system to earlier date, but now comes back with old message plus a new message.. "Microsoft Excel starter 2010 cannot be opened. try again or repair the product in control panel" Now what am I to do????

go to control panel / programs / programs and features


find the excel or microsoft office in the list


click change repair

click repair


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I went to control panel, did the repair change..This what the error message is this time.."The action cannot be completed. Try the action again. (which I did ) If problem contenues contract Microsoft Product support. Help !!

Make sure that you are logged into windows with an administrator account.


Try the solutions on this page. Including the fixit tool on the bottom


If those dont work you can try uninstalling with the revo uninstaller


and then reinstalling the office suite.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Useing the info above that U sent, Can I do this if I am now useing Excel starter 2010???

You should be able to. The fixit tool may or may not be specific to office but I dont think it can hurt.


The other options require that you have access to a download or cd that you can use to reinstall it after you remove it.


You can always download the 2010 office trial edition. It will be good for 60 days until you have to purchase it.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry I need to leave for Church now will try to resolve this in the morning, if that is possiable? Thank U

Certainly. Just add this page to your favorates by hitting ctrl D and you can post back at any time by selecting it from your favorates list

Or you can follow the link the site sends in the emails when i post a response.


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