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I am trying to do a mail merge to print labels for our Xmas

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I am trying to do a mail merge to print labels for our Xmas card list which I have done every year. I have recently moved onto Windows 7 and Office 2010 since when I am having great difficulties.

I have the list in Access and have used it via a Query. this time I have set up the name and address for the labels and the programme recognises my address list but I then cannot get it to merge; I have clicked on "merge and finish" but if I then print out it just prints pages and pages of the "name" "address1"address" etc so it is just not merging with the database. If only there was a mail merge tool bar as there was in the previous version of Word I feel that I would be OK.

Can you help please! I have tried the Microsoft Help route but they aren't replying.


Jeremy LP
My Name isXXXXX will be helping you toady. If I provide good service, you may ask for The-PC-Guy in your question title for your future needs.

Hi, can you send me the DB and tell me which avery label number you are using, is it the standard 5160 or 8160. And I'll do the merge for you into a word doc, and send you the doc. Please save the db as access 2007, to do that open the DB in access click the office button and choose save as, one of the options is access 2007.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you but it is not giving me the option of saving as Access 2007. All I really want is for someone to tell me where the mail merge toolbar is in Office 2010 then I can do it myself. Surely the mail merge commands must exist somewhere as they did in the 2007 version?!


1. click the "mailings tab"
2. click "start mail merge"
3. select "step by step wizard"
4. choose "labels" and click "next"
5. click "label options" under "change doc layout"
6. in the "label options" window, choose the type of labels you want and click "ok"
7. click "next"
8. under select recipients check "use existing list" and click "browse"
9. find your access file, and double click it, then choose the table you want
10. click "ok"
11. sort and filter however you choose, click "ok"
12. click "next"
13. under "arrange labels" click "address block"
14. if the items dont match your db click "match fields" to open up a selection box
15. once the sample looks how you want click "ok"
16. click "update all labels" then click "next"
17. all your lables wiil update with the address info, click "next"
18. print, and your done.

Have a very happy holiday season. Please ACCEPT, it will cost nothing additional to ACCEPT and this is how I get paid.

Please ask for me if you need any future assistance:
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