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How do I do a mail merge with an Excel spreadsheet to a Word

Customer Question

How do I do a mail merge with an Excel spreadsheet to a Word mailing label document. I've been trying to figure this out for an hour!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  computerguru86 replied 5 years ago.

computerguru86 :

Welcome to justanswer

computerguru86 :

1. Open Word with a blank document or your letterhead.

2. From the Tools menu, select Letters and Mailings

3. From the sub-menu, select Mail Merge....The Mail Merge task pane will appear on the right side of your screen.

computerguru86 :

4. Click the Next: Starting document link at the bottom of this panel. The Wizard advances you to Step 2.

5. Keep the default option for Current document and click the Next: Select recipients link at the bottom.

6. Click the Browse … link in the middle of the panel. This opens the Select Data Source dialog.

computerguru86 :

7. Navigate to your Excel file and click Open. This opens the Select Table dialog. If you named your Excel worksheet, the name will show. Otherwise, it will appear as Sheet1$.

8. Check the box at the bottom for First row of data contains column headers.

9. Click OK. Your file name should show where the Browse… link was on the Mail Merge task pane.

10. Click Next again.

computerguru86 :

1. On the Mail Merge task pane, click Address block… .The Insert Address Block dialog should appear.

computerguru86 :

2. Check the options that best suit your addresses.

3. Click the Match Fields… button in the lower left.

4. Fix any address fields that you’ll use which show as (not matched) by selecting the appropriate field using the arrow control.

5. Click OK.

computerguru86 :

1. From the Mail Merge task pane go to Step 4 of 6.

2. Add your letter text up to the point where you want to insert the field.

3. Click More Items… from the task pane. The Insert Merge Field dialog appears.

computerguru86 :

4. Highlight your field.

5. Click Insert.

Your merge field should show next to your cursor. As before, the chevron’s are wrapped on either end.

JACUSTOMER-hyk0r1kl- :

I have Microsoft Word 2007 - the instructions you sent don't apply to what I have???

computerguru86 :

What version of excel do you have?

computerguru86 :

Sorry about the previous instructions , since you have word 2007 i am assuming that you have excel 2007 is that correct?

JACUSTOMER-hyk0r1kl- :

yes - that is correct.

computerguru86 :

alright let me get you the correct instructions

computerguru86 :

Click here,

computerguru86 :

these are the instructions for 2007

computerguru86 :

sorry for the mix up and the delay

JACUSTOMER-hyk0r1kl- :

No problem, but I'm still having problems. Can you send me the document for labels. What you sent me is for letters. This is driving me crazy. I can't get the merge to work. It just does 1 label. I can not figure out what I'm doing wrong. Maybe if I have the "label" document, I'll get it

JACUSTOMER-hyk0r1kl- :

Or I can send you my excel spreadsheet and you could do it........

Expert:  Val B replied 5 years ago.

In Word 2007 open a new blank document. Click on Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Labels > Label Vendors (Avery US Letter is the most common) > Product Number (5160 is 30 per page, most common) > Ok

Now click on Select Recipients > Use Existing List > browse to your Excel file > Open

Select Sheet1 >

Next click on Match Fields. Word will attempt to match up your Excel columns based on their names, correct as needed, then click OK

Next click on Address Block, accept the defaults, then click OK

Click on Finish & Merge > Edit Individual Documents and you should be all set.

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