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Outlook 2010: Using Outlook rules, Im trying to create a rule

Customer Question

Outlook 2010: Using Outlook rules, I'm trying to create a rule that moves a sent message meeting certain "words in recipient address" criteria to a designated folder AND DOES NOT ALSO keep the message in the general "SENT ITEMS" folder.

In other words if I create and send a message to, I want the email to be moved to an "domain-SENT" folder I've created, but not also be cluttering up the "Sent Items" folder.

I figured out how to have the message be moved to XXXXX-SENT. Its preventing them from going to "Sent Items" that's my challenge.

Is this possible?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  jnayes replied 5 years ago.

Please read: Remember to click the Accept button once your issue is resolved. If the first answer does not work, just REPLY to me and we will continue.

Get to the rules wizard. Select Apply Rule on Messages I send (way bottom, under the blank rule section).

Create your trigger (specified keywords or contact). Select "Move a copy to specified folder"

Now on this same screen, the most IMPORTANT thing you have to check to ensure there isn't a message also stored in the Sent Items and is located in the same field as "Move a copy to specified folder" is the option "Stop processing more rules".

There is a default rule you can't see that is what tells Outlook to store in the sent items.

So you probably did the rule correctly, you just didn't know to check that box as well. Now, if I understood correctly what you're trying to do, there will ONLY be a copy of the sent message in the folder you want that follows the rule/trigger you created.

Let me know the results. Just remember, on the same screen where it says "move to specified folder" you also need to check the box for stop processing more rules.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That's the format I use. And it leaves a copy in the Sent Items folder.

Here's a literal example from my rules:

Apply this rule after I send this message
with in the recipient's address
move a copy to the
Expert:  jnayes replied 5 years ago.
I've already tested on my end. Read over my previous answer. You have to check box stop processing rules. Because there is a hidden default rule that applies all messages to be saved to sent items. By saying stop processing rules, your rule finishes then stops the default rule