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I have two tables in Access 2003. In each of the two tables

Customer Question

I have two tables in Access 2003. In each of the two tables there are two fields which are identical to two fields in the other table.
I must enter all the data in Table1.
I want Access to copy the data I have put into the two fields in Table1, into the two fields in Table2 which are identical to the two in Table1.
The first field in Table1 that I want copied to Table2 is an AutoNumber & PrimaryKey. By joining the two idendical fields in the two tables through the Relationships window, one to many, I get the result I want, i.e. the same data in Table2.
The second field is Text in both tables. Table1 has a LookUp list. Nothing I have tried will get the data from Table1 to Table2. I have draged the field in Table1 to Table2 every whichaway, with no results, except that somehow I erased all the data in that field in Table2.

Andrew Dykers
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  Application Specialist replied 5 years ago.

Application Specialist :

Evening...are you trying to do the following...

Application Specialist :

An append query adds a group of records from one or more tables to the end of one or more tables. For example, you might have data on new customers stored in a linked table and need to add this data to another table. You could use an append query. An append query can also do the following:

  • Append data from more than one table to a single table.
  • Append data based on matching fields. For example, you may want to append a customer only if that customer name is not already present in the customers table.
  • Append a calculated field. For example, you can create a full name calculated field by combining the text from the first name and last name fields. You can then append the full name values to a full name field in a table.
Application Specialist :

If so a second question for Table1 you said it has a LookUp list...are you trying to copy the data that is already populated in the records in Table1 or the LookUp list that is used to fill in the field when the user is entering the data? I guess the first place to start is with confirming if you're looking to perform a Query append (described above).

Customer :

1) Through no fault of yours, your answer did not serve. I had tried an append quiry, and it did not work. Sorry I did not tell you that.

Customer :

2) While awating your reply, I recieved the correct answer from another source.

Customer :

3) Please refund my $48.00 deposit.