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uakkab, Computer Systems Analyst
Category: Microsoft Office
Satisfied Customers: 44
Experience:  Microsoft Certified, MCP, MCSD, MCDBA. Cisco Certified, CENT, CCNA A+ Certified Technician Over 10 Years of Experience
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I am trying to work on WordArt. I am doing all the things

Customer Question

I am trying to work on WordArt. I am doing all the things correctly but there is no text visible in the box? I highlight the text I want. I go to the WordArt button on the insert page. I do also pick my wordart style I want. The text I highlighted appears in the edit box there and I choose my font and size. When I am finished NOTHING appears in the box on the document. I don't  know if I inadvertantly changed something in the back of the computer b/c now when I print things I am getting a work sheet on the time I spent at the computer. That never happened before. I ight have hit a button thinking I was helping myself that caused both these problems. It has not been 24 hours and you have not answered the inquiry.  Please help if you can.  Thank you. 
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Microsoft Office
Expert:  uakkab replied 5 years ago.

uakkab :

Good Day, I may be able to assist. few things that I can think of right now is

uakkab :
  1. The Word Art Transparency might be set to 0
uakkab :
uakkab :

2. The Font Color might be same as the color of the Background

uakkab :

3. An Invisible Object might be existing in the Place where you have a word art

uakkab :

if you can attach the file, I can definitely look at it and have it fixed.