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Are there any Technical Service Bulletins related to

Customer Question

Are there any Technical Service Bulletins related to possible problems with PCMs that have upgradeable software. Ford Dealer says PCM needs to be replaced on my 2002 Mercury Sable LS, 3.0L 6cylinder engine.
History: Last Thursday took Sable to Ford Dealer because Battery warning light was coming on and off while driving. The car was not experiencing symptons, such as dimming lights, problems in starting that are generally associated with faulty Alternator. Dealer ran Diagnostic, said Alternator was occasionally overcharging battery. Dealer replaced with Remanufactured Alternator. During test drive, Battery light continued to come on and off. Now Dealer says PCM needs to be replaced at a cost of $1400. Again, I was not experience any problems with my car except for the Battery light on/off problem. I am not sure this is the problem and am reluctant to go forward with this repair.
I would like to know: 1. Are there any Technical Service Bulletings regarding TCM's on 2002 Mercury Sables? If so, how can I access those bulletins?
2. Would like your opinion on the problems and your recommendation on where to look, tests that should be done and just where you think I need to go from here?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mercury
Expert:  AZTechBrian replied 1 year ago.

Hi there. There are no TSBs for the PCM with the exception of one for proper re programming of the pcm, which I can forward to you if you would like. The PCM is definitely a possibility however There is a diagnostic procedure for the symptoms that you are describing. The first step is to check for any diagnostic trouble codes. If any were stored, I imagine they would have indicated that in your paper work? I assume they did not encounter a code, but if they did please let me know.

Second, please check the 10 amp fuse in position 2 in the battery junction box while the engine running. have somebody monitor the charging system warning light while you push on and wiggle that fuse and see if that light flickers while you are doing that. It is common to have a bad connection in the battery junction box at that fuse causing the exact symptoms that you are experiencing. Please let me know how that goes and we will take it from there.