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Mercury Villager: disable the factory alarm

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Is there a way to disable the factory alarm on my 1995 Mercury Villager? I didn't get a fob when I bought the car. I had to replace the battery and now the alarm turns on when I try to connect the battery. The real problem is that the ignition is disabled and I can't start the vehicle. Thanks so much for any assistance.


If this vehicle has just the factory alarm it should disarm with the ignition key. Lets try to connect the battery and then lock and unlock the drivers door. You can also try opening the lift gate with the key. Now try the ignition key and see if it starts. let me know how it works out

many parts places do sell the key fobs at a good price.

lets start here

good luck

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'll give it a try. Somehow, I don't think that will do the trick. I've tried locking and unlocking with the driver's side locks but it won't start. I'll try the lift gate next. Thanks. I called the Ford dealership and they said that fob is obsolete and they can order it. Called a couple parts places and they didn't have anything. But I'll keep trying.

found this on amazon

odd ball fob, that is why they are hard to find

getting late in NY, have to work tomorrow. l will check back during the day.

good luck

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I tried with the gate open (also locking the doors from the driver's side). That didn't help. Any other suggestions for disarming the alarm? BTW, I meant to say that the dealer can't order a fob since it's obsolete. But I really want to get my van started before I have to wait for one to arrive by mail (takes longer to arrive where I am). Hopefully we can find a way to start the ignition so I can move the vehicle. It's parked on a public street.



I meant try connecting the battery and then with all doors and lift gate closed lock and then unlock with the key. you can try this on drivers door,passenger door and then lift gate.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It worked! Thanks so much for the advice. So I'm not exactly sure what did the trick. Basically, I opened the drivers door with the key and popped the hood. Locked the door with the key from the outside (no battery to use the power locks). Then I connected the battery, unlocked and locked with the key but that didn't work. So then, I powered locked all the doors, disconnected the battery and started again. I unlocked and locked the driver side door with the key, unlocked and locked the gate, unlocked and locked the passenger door and finally the passenger sliding door. Then unlocked the drivers door and started the vehicle and and ignition worked. Again, thanks for the help.


thank you