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Mercury sable ls: airbag light and buzzing

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I own a 1994 mercuey sable LS which has 85000 miles on it. It has had a blinking airbag light for months, now however there is a highpitched buzzing which matches the cycle of five flashing on the dash.  This buzzing only happens after you turn the car off. the buzzing continues for about 7 cycles then stops.It seems to be coming from the area of the passenger airbag located on the dash. Why the change?

Thanks for your question. Sorry you're having car problems. If I go off line, just leave a message and I'll be right back. DO NOT leave feedback yet.


The change is because there are additional problems now, telling you that the car is UNSAFE to drive. The only way you will get to the reason is by scanning the computer for codes and diagnosing what is wrong with it. Most shops can do this for you with their specialized equipment. Thanks, Ron


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