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Mercury sable: Where is the speed sensor located on my 17-bolt

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Where is the speed sensor located on my 17-bolt transmission? 1995 sable w/digital dash. My speedometer is haywire, so I purchased a new speed sensor,..... I can't find the old one, I may have gotten the wrong part?
Hello, the VSS 9 speed sensor is located on the Right hand side output side of the trans differential

Meaning? it right above where the RF axle slips into the trans

Its usually done form under the car

Soo, raise it, locate where the CV axle goes into right side of trans, look up near top, just above the axle, you will see the sensor

The pic below may? not be 100% but very close to what it looks like

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I still don't see it. I've removed the air cleaner and I still don't see anything that resembles the new part that I purchased, either from atop or below. The part I purchased is obviously the speed sensor, the end looks like the end of a speedometer cable, but with a sensor instead of a cable housing..... I just can't locate it on the transmission.
Its there, its way down near the ground. right above where the RF axle goes into the trans

I meantione has to be up in air working from underneathe

Locate the RF axle, follow it to trans,. look right above . on top of the housing right near where the RF axle goes into trans. Baiscally it very low, at rear of engine way down near RF axle
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Okay,.....I found it. I had to get my camera up and around the corner, but that managed to find the bugger. I did indeed purchase the wrong part..... the one on my transmission is an "L" shape, and the one I bought is straight. The one I bought will not fit, the fender wall is in the way.


Guess I'm going back to the auto parts store.


Thanks, Tracer.

yes,, they uised i think? 3 different ones, in 2 differnt transmissions. its is a tight spot so see why hard to explain? yes, sounds like wrong one so.. you should now know correct, thanks for the update
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