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98 mountaineer: ) , with good JUMPER VOLTAGE..enough fuel..firing

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98 mountaineer out of service for 6 mos. ( battery totally died ) , with good JUMPER VOLTAGE, DOES not seem to get enough fuel. Will not start-up or keep firing. Will Not run. Cannot seem to get fuel. 9 oz "SEAFOAM" added to tank also 5 gal. fresh fuel. ORIGINAL owner 110K miles. 4 L V-6. HOW do I get it started? ?

if you turn the ignition key to on position, do you hear the fuel pump energize(hum) for 2-3 seconds?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am hard of hearing. 2 aids. I could take my wife to the car to listen. do we listen at gas filler pipe ? Under hood ? OR in drivers seat ?

listen at the fuel filler pipe.

If you dont hear anything, on the right side of the transmission hump at the firewall underneath the dash is the fuel cut off switch. pull the carpet back some to see and and reset it. Now try to crank engine. If it still doesnt, then the fuel pump is bad, likely from the fuel turning to varnish, and you will need to replace it. It is in the gas tank and requires dropping the tank

fuel cut off switch:
Click image to see an enlarged view
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
SOUND GOOD. I will take wife to vehicle to listen and checkout. I am old and SLOW but do not worry. I will definitely get back to you as soon as I think I know what is going on; Even if it takes till Monday Night.! ! If needed I may go to get a qualified mechanic wit a local shop , by noon Mon.
I hope all of that is O.K. with you ?

Yes, that is fine. I am here everyday, so if you have a further question on this, post here and I will get it and go from there
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ERIC: 1.) - We did Re-Set the fuel cut off switch. Wife could not hear pump hum for 2-3 seconds on 98 Mountaineer. ( she could hear it on 2004 F-150 ).
2.) - Fuel tank is now 3/4 full. Total recent additions: 32 oz SeaFoam, 12 oz HEET.
3. - Should I try adding STA-BIL or anything else ? ?
4.) - Is there an EXTERNAL fuel filter that I should replace ? ?
5.) - Should I try spraying Prestone ETHER in the intake manifold ?
6.) - Do you have other suggestions ? ?

Thanks: Rich
P.S. - We have tried Rocking the car to slosh the fuel mixture around the pump, in the tank.

dont try adding anything else. there is an external filter just underneath the driver's seating area underneath vehicle along the inner frame rail.
But it wont prevent fuel pump from energizing.

At this point, the tank has to be dropped and remove the fuel pump. then use jumper wires off the battery directly to pump to see if it runs. If it doesnt, replace pump.

If it does, then you have a wiring short - between the pump and the relay. you would have to physically trace the wiring at that point
Eric and 2 other Mercury Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
you are a professional ! Your ideas, ( ANSWERS ) , were concise and excellent.! !
. . . . . . . . . . . I have installed new batt terminals, & new batt . Local mech. suggested I consider replacing fuel filter after replacing batt. Then they would come to check fuel pressure: before dropping tank to replace fuel pump.
> . . . . . . .You did a great job, I really appreciate your GOOD HELP ! !
I am going toclick the "ACCEPT ANSWER button"
. . . . .Thanks again: Richard
P.S. - I hope this is A.O.K.