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1998 Mercury Sable: Theft wont in to dealership

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Having issues with our 1998 Mercury Sable regarding the antitheft sytem. Theft light blinking hyper speed and car won't start. Have had it in to dealership and they installed a new multiswitch for the issues we were having with our wash spray and reprogrammed our key and gave us a new one. Car started then next time after fueling wouldn't. Towed back to dealership. By the time they were able to look at it -- it started fine. Worked no problem for a week and now once again won't start and crazy flashing. Auto locked it and manual unlocked and car started. Turned it off and tried again no luck. We love this car -- help!

6Bucs :

Hi, James here. First off, if the dealer cut a new key for you and programmed an old one at the same time, the 3rd key you have will not work any longer. If you were using the old key that might explain the recent trouble you had.


No we've put that key away -- we are using the newly programmed keys only.

Ok. The multifunction switch is on the left side of the steering column, as you know, and on the right side, where the ignition key and cylinder are, there is the transceiver for the PATS. To to replace the multifunction switch, the key and cylinder need to come out, as well as the trim cover around the steering column. There is a good possibility the transceiver was damaged during the repair. The transceiver is very fragile, especially as the vehicle ages. It may be worthwhile to ask them to double check the previous repair.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok but problem existed before they did that work.
Oh, Well, since you paid the dealership already for PATS work, you might try bringing it back and asking them to diagnose it this time. There will be trouble codes in the system. They should take the high road and check this out for you at no charge.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for your help -- doubt high road will happen (paid 1400 already)


The 2nd time it couldn't start was about 10 min after I had left the dealership after they had done the initial "fix" and they didn't charge me for the tow bill or the attempted diagnostic.. BUT they didn't couldn't actually diagnose the problem because when they finally looked at the car 3 days later it started. From what I understand they cant diagnose it unless the problem is active.


Wish there was a way to bypass the security -- we love her but pretty sure she is not a theft target! :) lol Thanks again

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
And my hubby just went out to try it and it started. Possible possesion?? lol
I wish I could do more from here. At this point, we need to hook up the computers. Good luck! Feel free to reply back when you get it handled. Merry christmas!