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Mercury Sable: wiper..hose..the reservoir and the hood

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Mercury Sable GS (2002) Windshield Washer fluid spray not working. Reservoir Full.

The wiper blade controls work fine, both for continuous use and for washer blade function. The fluid hose between the reservoir and the hood was disconnected and I re-connected it, but not before checking to see if washer fluid could be pushed out of the disconnected fluid hose by pushing in the stalk. I tried to feel under the reservoir tank, following the hose and other cable but the reservoir tank and coolant tank area is too tight to check the bottom of the reservoir, although there are no signs of leakage either around the reservoir or on the pavement. Is there a way a non-mechanic, myself, could fix this problem, as I am 77 years old, live solely on Social Security and cannot afford a large repair bill. If not do you have any idea of the cost for a garage to do the necessary repair?

Ok, do you have a test light or voltmeter?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I think I have a standard voltmeter or light.

Ok, first we need to check the fuse and relay. they are both in the fuse/relay box underneath the driver's side of the dash. The fuse is labelled F2.11 on the fuse box and is 15amps. make sure it isnt blown.

Next, the relay is labeled K317 on the fuse/relay box. swap it with one next to it to see if washer works. if it does, then buy another relay.

If both are ok, then disconnect the harness connector to the washer pump motor at the washer fluid reservoir. Have someone engage the washer switch while you check for power at the Black with white striped wire on the connector.

If power is there, then the washer pump needs to be replaced. If not, then a bad switch.

The pump is replaced by removing the reservoir to access the pump. pull pump out of grommet and install new one.

Switch is much more complicated as steering wheel and airbag have to come off. This would run $335-370 parts and labor
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