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Mercury Grand Marquis LS The air suspension on my 1995 Grand

Resolved Question:

The air suspension on my 1995 Grand Marquis quit. Am now driving a "low rider". The car has 165,000 miles and is in excellent condition except. Is there any way to bypass having to spend more for the repair than the car is worth? Some way to raise the car back up and then cap off the air lines. I don't care if the suspension doesn't raise and lower the way it originally did. Thanks
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mercury
Expert:  Randall replied 6 years ago.

tracer :

Hello,has anyone been in trunk recently and maybe turned the switch for the suspension off>?


The switch is in the on position. I replaced a 30 amp fuse which had burned out but that didn't help.

tracer :

ok, this could be good,bad info,. It sounds like the pump seized up, blowing the fuse. Not the answer you want to hear but.. no,, there is no way to manual fill, cap off lines, each shock uses special lines and fittings and solenoids at each. You can try tapping hard on the pump located at left front under hood and maybe unstick a jammed pump. the only other option and can cost as much if not more is to replace with standard shocks Some customers do this. I would tap on pump hard with small hammer then see if it will start working again. Nothing else in the circuit will blow the 30 amp fuse as that fuse is for pump motor only. Option 2 is to swap out pump with used. Wish there was another way but is none

tracer :

  1. Disconnect battery ground cable.

  2. Turn air suspension switch to OFF position.

  3. Remove air cleaner housing assembly as follows:

    1. Loosen air tube to throttle body clamp, then remove air tube end.

    2. Unfasten air cleaner lid attaching clips, then remove air cleaner lid.

    3. Remove air filter element.

    4. Remove 2 outer and 1 inner lower air cleaner assembly attaching nuts.

    5. Remove lower air cleaner assembly.

  1. Remove air compressor and dryer assembly splash shield and pushpins.

  2. Push dryer air line retainer inward, then pull air line outward to remove.

  3. Disconnect compressor electrical connectors.

  4. Raise and support vehicle.

  5. Remove compressor to fender apron attaching nuts.

  6. Lower vehicle.

  7. Remove compressor and dryer assembly.

  8. Reverse to procedure install.


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