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2003 mountaineer: Battery good fuse good, but when turn key

Customer Question

My 2003 mountaineer will not start. Battery good fuse good, but when turn key to start it does nothing.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mercury
Expert:  Steve replied 6 years ago.
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I would check the dash for the theft light is flashing fast with the key in the on position. If It is flashing fast the pats key has lost it program or is not getting the singnale to the pats theft module or pcm to start the truck. try a different programed key. If that does not work check for codes and see if there is pats communication code and that the pcm is ok and can get codes from it. If the pcm or computer is not working it will not crank.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Inaccurate answer.
Its not the theft light
Expert:  Drew replied 6 years ago.

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From the info above your theft light is not flashing. The next step will be to find out why the starter relay is not sending voltage to the starter.


Make sure your truck does not have a aftermarket alarm or remote start installed, by looking under the dash, drivers side kick panel. Look for aftermarket installed module and rats nest of non factory wires. If NA continue to next step.


I see you have tested starter solenoid wire. No B+ 12V while cranking. Good job.


I will need to know the 8th digit of the vin# XXXXX determine your engine size. It will be a E, K or W. Let me know and I will get you the next step to diagnose your concern.