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Ron, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Mercury
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Can the door code on a Mercury Sable 2003 be reset

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Can the door code on a Mercury Sable 2003 be reset
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Ron :

Hello, Yes the code can be changes, I have enclosed the instructions. You will need the current code to do so.

Keyless Entry Keypad Code Programming NOTE: The system only allows one personal code to be programmed.

NOTE: Any existing personal code will not need to be erased to program a new one.

  1. Enter the permanent factory keyless entry keypad code.

  1. Press the 1/2 button within five seconds to activate the programming mode. Holding the 1/2 button for more than two seconds after activation will erase the stored personal code.

  1. Within five seconds, enter the new five-digit keyless entry keypad code. The door locks will lock and unlock to confirm the new code is programmed. Entering any new personal code will automatically erase the old personal code.

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If you stop by your local dealer, they can retive the OE code for you with there scan tool.