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Matt Carey
Matt Carey, Mecury Mechanic
Category: Mercury
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Experience:  6yrs experience, and access to factory service information
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2001 Mercury Sable DOHC misfire on cylinders 5 & 6, no power,

Customer Question

2001 Mercury Sable DOHC misfire on cylinders 5 & 6, no power, will run. I drove the car, parked it for about an hour and then no power. I have recently replaced the fuel filter, egr valve, spark plugs, wires, and coil. I tried a Mass Air Flow sensor, but that didn't work either. <br /><br />Right or wrong I pulled the plug on #5 & #6 and attached a wire to them and then grounded it, and there is a spark, so I'm guessing that it must be a clogged injector.<br /><br />Got any ideas on how to fix it?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mercury
Expert:  Matt Carey replied 7 years ago.
Hi this is MATT. How have you narrowed it down. Do you have miss fire codes for 5 and 6. Or you can pull the plug wires off those two and they make no difference in the idle? If you have narrowed it down to those two , then you need to check compression, and that the injectors are firing. You can listen to them with a long screw driver pressed on to the Inj. and then to your ear. Listen to others and compare the sound. Just be sure to put the screw driver on the same place on each inj. If the plugs are firing, and you have good compression, and the injectors are clicking, then you might have to pull the rail and watch the spray pattern, for a problem. let me know, MATT