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2008 Mercury Milan: wont start..a dash board light..owners manual

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I have a 2008 Mercury Milan that won't start this morning. There is a dash board light that is flashing and the owner's manual makes no mention of it. It's on the far left side. It looks like the front of a car with a lock on it. Maybe that has nothing to do with the car not atarting. I'm looking for answers.
The car seems like it has plenty of juice in the battery. The lights inside the car are very bright. I get one "click" when I turn the ignition key, but the click is very faint. Never had a problem with it not starting before this. Any ideas on what to try ?

Hello and Thank you for choosing Just Answer.


If the "Theft' light is flashing when trying to start the vehicle, The car is in what is called "Theft Mode" There could be many reasons why the vehicle went into theft mode. A bad igntion key, bad key transponder, bad theft module or another igniton key on your key chain that may interfer with the Ford key or even something magnetic on your key chain. Unforunally there is no much you the customer can do. More than likely the car will have to be towed to the dealer so they can hook up a computer and determine why the vehicle is in theft mode and remove the theft lock on the vehicle. What you can try is this:


  1. You must have 2 known good igniton keys. Sit in the vehicle with all the doors closed. Take one key and turn in the igniton to the "on" position just before start. Let the key sit in that position for 3 seconds. Remove key.
  2. Take 2nd key and do the same. Turn to the on positon for 3 seconds. Remove key.
  3. Wait 10 seconds and then try starting the vehicle.

If this does not work, The vehicle will need to be towed to the dealer unfortunally.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It was a bad ignition key. I figured it out before you got back with me, but you answered my question and deserve to be paid. Thank you
Glad I could help you!!